Local Architect for Kitchen Extension needed


I’m looking for a local architect to do our kitchen extension - and recommendations of builders also. Does anyone know any? Thanks

Recommended shops and services in SE23

Possibly @Satchers may know someone :slight_smile:

ETA I know a great builder, though he’s working on @leafandgroove at the moment, when would you need the work doing?


Hi Pauline
Its not until next year but we want to get the plans/costs etc in place for
when we re-mortgage in March. - could you let me know the builder’s details
at all? Once we get the plans down with an architect we can meet up with


There are a few local architects practices that I know.

Tim or Nimi at nimtim.co.uk are local and do a lot of this kind of work in Forest Hill.

There are others in forest hill such as…

And I’ll add others as I think of them!


Hi Sarah

I’ll pm you the number tomorrow as it’s at the shop & it’s my day off today :slight_smile:


Try these guys. The Directors all live in the area (I’m not one of them)



Thanks so much!


Thanks very much!


Perfect! thanks so much


I had Green Tea Architects look at doing a side return extension for me. We didn’t end up doing it, but they had some good ideas! Think they are Brockley-based.


Hi Sarah, I’ve PM’d you the number :slight_smile:


great. thanks alot. Sarah



I am an experienced architect (12 years experience) who lives in Forest Hill. I have recently carried out major works to my own flat on Taymount Rise, this included a dormer loft extension. My website is currently under construction but I would be happy to discuss any potential projects with anyone requiring a local architect.


Thanks - maybe you would be able to pop round and have a look at our
kitchen? Let me know - Friday’s are best for us.


Hi Sarah

I will PM you.


Hi Sarah

Actually I’m not 100% sure I can PM you, but if you send me an email with a bit more info about what you would like done, timeframe etc. on info@seamstudio.co.uk we can hopefully get something organised.



Hi @sara_mk and welcome to the forum. I’ve enabled PMing for you.