Local Artist Liz Atkins and Supporting Local Artists

Continuing the discussion from The Forest Hill artist who gives away all her drawings on the train:

Without her regular overground usage, Liz Atkins has turned to another artistic venture to help with your skin picking disorder. She now hunts out interesting textures in our environment and takes photos. Her hashtag #texturehuntergatherer has been picked up by people all over the World and, for me, has made my own walks a lot more interesting.

This is also informing a new series of chalk drawings for Liz and she is selling these at very reasonable prices. Her sales are also aiding another lock down initiative to support artists using the hashtag #artistsupportpledge. When she (and others) sell £1,000 of their art they will in turn spend £200 on buying another artists work. I’ve seen other local artists participating with this such as Lenka Rayn also based in Havelock Walk.

While enjoying the good weather we had for most of the weekend, and watching the commemorative broadcasts for VE Day, I was also missing the biannual Havelock Walk Open Weekend which would have been held as well. They are local businesses too.