Local babysitter available



Hi There! My names Ted and I am a local enthusiastic student looking for any work as a baby sitter/child minder. I am good with kids and come from a big family. My charge is £7 per hour. I live on Canonbie Road (the one with the view of London) and drive a moped so I can get anywhere in the area at short notice. Please do get in touch!


Hi. Just a heads up …you need to advertise as a babysitter as you need to be Ofsted registered to work as a childminder.


Hi Ted…you don’t have a contact number on here and I don’t seem to be able to direct message you. Are you still offering local babysitting?


I’ve enabled PMing for you @sherradan


Thanks so much @ChrisBeach!


My au pair who’s lovely is also offering baby sitting. Message me if you’re interested


Thanks @weepy we’ve found someone for tonight but great to know for future reference. Am sure I’ll be in touch!