Local Blinds & Shutters required



Hi all, apologies if this topic has already been covered.
I had a visit and quote from Hillary’s this afternoon, much more expensive than I’d budgeted for. However, they wouldn’t be able to install until mid October.
I understand bespoke isn’t going to be instant or cheap, but just wondering if anyone could kindly recommend an alternate local company or fitter.
I’m looking for standard white mdf shutters and black out blinds.

Thanks so much in advance. This forum is great!

Recommended shops and services in SE23

Hi @Emak5 and welcome to the forum.

Our topic for blinds recommendations is here (although lacking responses so far): Window Blinds and Curtains

Hopefully you’ll get some shutter company recommendations here too.


We used The Shutter Studio for our shutters. Very pleased. Unless you can buy off the shelf though they are all made in China so take time. I booked in a few other shutter companies for quotes and it allowed me to then negotiate on final price. Hope that helps.


Very kind of you, thanks!


We used Shearwater Shutters a few years ago and would highly recommend them - they’re local (I think), much cheaper than bigger companies and the service and quality was great (no issues 3yrs on). I wouldn’t normally link to the other site, but there are plenty of reviews there too which might be worth a look https://www.se23.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=10024


I also used sheerwater shutters and I can only recommend them, one if the best consultations I ever had and a local company


London Interior Shutters did a very good speedy job.


We also used sheerwater - cheaper and better. We also recently installed some roman blinds over shutters which are cheaper and we love them l!


This is much appreciated everyone, thank you.


Just to say we used Bromley Blinds a couple of years ago, for shutters. Good price & good product, but they have now gone bust! Our children got quotes from Hillary’s when they had a sale & both got good prices & are pleased with their wooden style blinds.


We got ours from John Lewis - very pleased


Starbuck Upholostery in Brockley done ours. Good prices and local


Kim at Village Blinds did our blinds - you can find her on Facebook. Really happy with them!


We’ve used Kim at Village Blinds several times now and have found her products and customer service to be excellent. Facebook Link


Another recommendation for Kim at Village blinds, We’ve used her several times and she’s always been great.