Local Book swaps / Little Libraries

There’s a number of these charming book swaps / little libraries in and around the area, and I thought it might be nice to list them for anyone wanting to find something new to read.

I think the rules are generally that if you swap a book, you should replace it with one that’s at least as good as the one taken, and don’t borrow more than you need / read.

Here’s a list of a few I’ve found. Please let me know of any others and I’ll add them too.

Book-swap, 2 Perry Rise

Polecroft Little Free Library, Perry Hill

This one is here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/GFh134DJg9GXpZH3A

Blythe Hill Bookshed, 54 Blythe Hill Lane

High View Community Library, Westwood Park / Horniman Drive

Community Library, 11 Cannonbie Road

Book Nook, 2 Beadnell Road


There’s also one on Westwood Park (at the junction with Horniman Drive)!

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I knew there was one over that way, but having trekked around the side of the hill I couldn’t locate it!

Thanks for the pointer :slight_smile:

Great - I’ve added two more…

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