Local brewery/learning disability project needs help! :)


Local brewer ignition beer (hidden at the back of the Sydenham Centre) who do wonderful work by hiring people with Learning Disabilities to learn skills/get paid the London living wage etc. are looking for funding to have an amazing sounding bar/shop right at the brewery opening through to the high street (bifolding doors - fancy!). The project in part will hope to give more jobs and skills (e.g.: money skills at the til, computer/service skills whilst taking orders from tables) to those with a Learning Disability.

Great cause, would be an amazing addition to the high street.

Look and contribute if you can! And please spread the word :slight_smile:
Ps; Disclaimer! I have no affiliation with the brewery but work with Adults with Learning Disabilities (and like beer!) so am pretty passionate about this sort of thing!

2018: The Year in Review
Something new coming to Crafty Beer?

Some nice treats on offer for donors, too, I see!


What a great little enterprise. Their top reward would be great for a summer party. Hmm.


This is such a wonderful project. I’m tempted with the party also, just for the hell of it :slight_smile:


Sounds like a great project, will give it a push on social media tomorrow

Definitely my kind of thing, though I don’t like beer.

@michael & @JohnRussell can you push this too please :+1:


If anyone is interested I happened to see that Bottle Bar and Shop in Catford is hosting an MTB event Thu 10 May 2018 from 7 pm. I believe tickets must be purchased in advance.


Over £19,000! 95% funded and less than £1000 to go with over half the campaign left to run. Absolutely wonderful to hear not only people are invested in helping out the community / Learning Disabilities but also great to imagine the number of people who have now heard about the beer/organisation to hopefully support their mantra of “the more beer we sell, the more jobs we can provide”.

It’s flexible funding so anything (above and beyond the aim) donated/put forward for “rewards” up until early June gets put forward towards the project.

Job well done all!!


I just pushed it over the edge :slight_smile: been meaning to give my husband a birthday party since his last major milestone birthday was interrupted by the birth of our child. So I donate enough to get us a party and all for a good cause. Sssh don’t tell him :slight_smile: it’s a surprise!


The t-shirts have arrived!


Ooooh. Hopefully my beer tab will be at home later.


Looks like work is starting on the crowdfunded taproom/bar at the bottom of the Sydenham Centre/on the high street :slight_smile:

Looking forward to cashing in my tab!


I love that logo


Just passing on the below from another forum post! (I believe they are having a soft opening / trail run this Saturday and I assume next too before full open)

Fantastic news.

Ignition’s tap room is due to open on 15th September.

From the 15th, they will be in full-opening mode, Thursday and Friday evenings, and Saturday 2pm-10pm.

I had a sneaky look yestersay and Nick and the team have done a brilliant job.

Please everyone get down there from the 15th and support them! Such a great cause and excellent beer to boot!


Aha - as if by magic an e-mail appeared (further details re: opening days/times)


From another forum - some clarification! (I promise this’ll be my last one!) to help ensure I’m disappointed punters!

“I think the ‘soft opening’ over the next couple of weekends is for those by invitation only, in order to give the Team an opportunity to get up to speed so that when they do open officially they are ready to cope with the whole of Sydenham beating its way to their door”


Fantastic… I got my email today to. Question is do I invite friends to share? Or go it on my own?


I’ve not heard anything from them :frowning: wondering if it went into spam. Who did it come from?


Hey Fran, mine came from nick@ignition.beer and/or hello@ignition.beer

They are fully open for visits and drinking of fresh beer, wine, gin, cocktails and soft drinks.

Open Thursday 5-9, Friday 5-10 and Saturday 2-10.

I’m heading for a few tomorrow afternoon for the first time woohooo!


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