Local Cushion Cover maker?

Does anyone know someone local who can make cushion covers? We have a lovely set of Habitat Radius dining chairs however the cushion covers have seen better days.They are not a standard shape or fit and I cannot seem to find anywhere to buy new covers online, except on eBay in their original colour. I’d like them in a different colour. I can send away for them to be done but would prefer to give my business to someone local if possible.


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Try Stag & Bow :slight_smile:

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Cheers Pauline!!

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I need some chair cushions making too, and also would prefer a local company rather than sending them off. The nearest I could find is Starbuck upholstery in Brockley, although when I called up they were busy until the New year.


Try Angel Upholstery Melbourne Grove East Dulwich. They made cushions for me for dining chairs some years ago and did an excellent job.

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There is also Munro Upholsterers on Kirkdale. Have not used them so cant say if they are any good.

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One of my neighbours has just started up a business making cushion covers and similar things. I’ll get his contact details and pass them on to you.

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Ooohhh excellent… thanks.

The e mail address to contact regarding cushion covers is davidopare@icloud.com

Thanks for all your suggestions… have spoken to Angel Upholstery and they’ve given me a quote… just need to wander up there and peruse the fabrics they have on offer and we could be onto a winner!

Can I ask how did it go with the new covers, I have the same problem and need 6-8 new ones.

Hi @nog

Actually, we haven’t progressed anywhere with this at all… it’s gone on the long finger, I’m afraid…

Thank you for letting me know I have phone habitat and looked around (eBay) but still no good.

Will post results if I end up doing the job. Thank again nog

Stag and Bow?