Local driving school recommendations



Hi I have a driving licence but haven’t driven for a decade and never in London. I want to take a refresher course. Wondered if anyone could recommend any local driving schools (otherwise I guess I’ll just go through AA or BSM). Thanks

Recommended shops and services in SE23

Not a driving school, but an excellent local instructor. His name is Silvano Bozza, he just taught my daughter to drive and I know he does refresher courses. His number is 07702 615834


I would recommend Keith Webb.
07958 206694
Taught me and many friends back in 90-01, and still teaching and passing people at a fantastic rate.
Friendly, relaxed, and very effective :slight_smile:
Has also got my sister through her test, 2 past girlfriends of mine through theirs, a friends wife and many more.


Thanks both, I will give them a call.


There’s an excellent AA instructor lives on Stanstead Road by the Blythe Hill. Taught me - can be found on Facebook as Steve AA, I think.


College Driving school taught my 3 kids to drive. Recommend them, run by David Wellbrook.


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Lois - based Westwood Hill: http://www.safemotoring.co.uk/

I had some refresher lessons with her earlier this year and she was really good! Did wonders for my confidence, as well as a much needed refresh of how to park (in the decade since I passed my test I’d driven maybe 5 times…).


Sorry for having started a new thread by mistake not realising this one was still going.

I am after any feedback for the Learning Curve Driving school, the reviews look good but they all seem to be only from the last couple of weeks.


Afraid I don’t know them. But given you’re after input on just one specific driving school I think that would warrant a new thread. Seems unlikely the 13 people who have commented on this topic in the last year would know this. Suggest you as @ChrisBeach if that would be alright.


Let’s stick to one thread for driving school recommendations. @killjoy - may be worth trying one of the recommendations above before an unknown quantity.

Tip - with recommendations, look out for posts from verified members - these are folks we’ve met in real life and are likely to be posting genuine feedback as opposed to soliticiting for their own businesses.


Starman : I am trying to stick to 1 thread.

I opened a new one not knowing this one existed, my thread was closed by Chris and I was pointed to this one so I passed my query on to this one.


@killjoy My recommendation for Silvano at the top of this thread still stands. Great instructor.

I find the problem with google results for local services is you either see paid-for ads first or there are lots of companies that pretend to be local but aren’t. There are dedicated driving instructor rating websites, it might be worth tracking down a few of those.