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Hello, we have just moved in and would welcome a recommendation for a good local shop with fresh fruit and veg. We would rather support an independent business than the big Sainsbury’s or Co-op.
So far we went couple of times to Horniman’s farmers market but got mostly veg from there and only minimum fruit. We are thinking to try Lee Greens but that also seems to offer veg only (anyone has an experience?) and I also signed up for Forest Hill Food Assembly but not sure whether that’s still running?
Any tips would be much appreciated.

Recommended shops and services in SE23

Depending on which part of SE23 you are in, Sydenham Road is worth looking at for fresh produce. There’s Fresh n Fruity which is a traditional fruit and veg shop. And PFC which is an international food shop and has a range of interesting of fresh produce


Aga’s Little Deli on Dartmouth Road sells a small selection of seasonal vegetables though certainly not enough to for the weekly shop nor do they have any fruit. Lovely small selection though of British and continental cheeses, charcuterie and some artisanal breads. Stop in for the best cheese toastie on the planet.


Hi, same for me, looking for local fruit/veg deli near Brockley Rise please


http://thelarderdeli.com in Ladywell is quite nice but as the name suggests is a deli too.

If you are after a proper “old fashioned” Green grocer then Rudds in Nunhead is great - not overly close though.
The Istanbul Supermarket on Sydenham High Street also serves up a good selection at a reasonable price and is open late.


Thank you all! We live in Manor Mount, close to FH station. I went to Sydenham today to check out what @RachaelDunlop suggested and must say that Fresh n Fruity is great!
Definitely going to try Aga’s too. Any other suggestions that are close are more than welcome :slight_smile:


Hi @Lenka_Tvaruzek Myself & Zoe from @TheArchieParker ran the food assembly for a while but due to not many orders consecutively over a period of time (which then meant producers wouldn’t deliver as you have to hit a target for them to do so, then leading to customers being let down) we stopped.

If enough peeps want this service I will start it up again - So to give me an idea if this is still wanted in FH please reply if you would put in an order.


I really would love a wonderful geengrocers. Where we used to live there was a fabulous one and I still lug fruit and veg across London from there when I happen to be nearby. I would be a faithful customer if someone wants to open in FH.


I was talking to the guys in the proud saw butchers who sell a little fruit and veg and they say there is virtually no profit in it - margins are so slim and it is impossible to compete with the supermarkets in terms of volume, variety and price. If you own the freehold of a shop then it might be feasible but for a start up it is virtually impossible to make a decent profit unless you have some sort of angle like selling value added products as well.


Bread & bakery produce also has a low profit margin & short lifespan same as fruit & veg, so hats off to all that sell these type of produce like @TheArchieParker @StDavid Agas Deli etc


Don’t feel too bad about buying produce from Sainsbury’s and the coop, you benefit from range, price and freshness - and contrary to popular belief do focus on supporting British farmers and offering a fair price. The retailiers margins are squeezed, not necessarily the growers.


Hi Pauline, ah okay, that’s understandable.
Well, we would definitely put in an order to try amd see the selection and quality. However, it’s hard to say if we would do so every week. Which I believe might be same for more people. I will keep an eye out and if the service ever goes live again I am more than willing to give it a go.


Based on your comment, I’ll give it another go - Personally I love the food myself so I’ll look at setting it back up next week.

Please bare with me if it doesn’t happen till the week after though.

P :slight_smile:


I loved the couple of times I used the Assembly. However, our lifestyle is the type which makes it hard to follow the regiment of order by Tuesday and pick on Thursday. Plus ordering a week’s groceries at a time often meant some got thrown as our week changed on the fly.

If it came up again, I’d try and use but to really only satisfy meals for a couple of night’s a week.


Depends where u live. I think fruit and veg from the shop on the forest hill road is great. I get fennel from there. Run by I think Turkish Cypriots it is down hill few mins from Camberwell Old Cemetery and on left. The shop opens late, 7 days week and has excellent meat, home made bread stuffed with halumi, lamb cutlets etc. Great prices too.


Oh no, it’s not that I would be worried about the quality (which might be sometimes the same… Really depends on the place). Still, I would rather support a small independent business and help someone local to make living than pour my money into big chains and support their stakeholders. There’s not much ethics in what they do and that bothers me more. :wink:


That sounds great! Well, I’ve signed up so I will be expecting an email or so :slight_smile:


We still haven’t made it to Forest Hill Rd… This weekends’ agenda then!


Agreed with @HilsD, it is called the Forest Hill Supermarket, their fruit and veg are good. We often use it for fresh herbs but if what you want is not on show then tap the bell on the butchery counter and they will happily bring some to you. Now that I type that last bit out am seeing just how surreal it is. :wink:

ETA: am not sure what their hours are but they never seem to be shut!


It’s not local but it’s only a 20-25 minute bus ride to Lewisham where there is a traditional street market selling fruit and vegetables daily except Sundays.