Local furniture / cabinet maker recommendations

Hi there… I think this is in the right category… if not, apologies…

I would be interested to hear of any recommendations for a furniture/cabinet maker local to FH. I have a rather large wall I’d like to fill with a unit made to house AV equipment, lots of shelving etc. etc.

As I am hopeless with plans and drawing etc. ideally I’d like the person to help with gathering ideas and design as well.

I haven’t been able to find anything commercially available that fits my bill so I guess I’ll have to go down the bespoke route (or at least explore it… the cost may put me off completely!!).

Anyway, all ideas/suggestions gratefully appreciated.

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Try Dovetail Joint off Dartmouth Road. The designed and built our kitchen and I know they do cabinet/shelving work.


Cheers @Londondrz

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There’s also the ManCave Creations chap who works on the BBC Great Interiors Challenge programme.

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You could try Andrew Hall - he is a cabinet maker and has a workshop in Herne Hill:

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Here is my recommendation

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Geoff is really good & he also teaches, so if you wanted to learn how to do it yourself you could :+1:

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OP asked after a cabinet maker - quite a difference from a carpenter!

God forbid the ignorance of people trying to be helpful, albeit incorrectly.

Dont you have to be one to be the other?

Brett he builds cabinets too :slight_smile:

If he wants a built-in unit rather than a piece of fine bespoke furniture, a carpenter is what he wants, however he worded it.

I’ve seen lots of recommendations for Freeborn Carpentry and had Lee round to give me a quote for both a new front door and built-in alcove units. I wasn’t able to go ahead with the work, so can’t vouch for that, but he had some great ideas and was very helpful in working out what sort of design would be right for what I wanted. His Facebook page shows a range of his work. https://www.facebook.com/FreebornCarpentry/


Thanks everyone for all your suggestions.


Hi guys, this may not be the best thread to ask, but I’m not sure where… I’m looking for someone to sand and finish my lovely oak (I think?) dressing table that I completely ruined by painting as I was annoyed with all the stains on it. I miss the wood! Any ideas which type of business offer this, is it a carpenter?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for all these suggestions as I am also looking for a joiner/carpenter.

Yhese guys are over on Kirkdale near Dartmouth Rd. They do cabinetry work as well.

Cannot recommend Kastas enough

He worked 12hrs straight on a sweltering day to build - on his own - 9ft high triple wardrobes to our spec and great quality hinge recs too


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