Local garages / mechanic recommendations


Nervously took my newly-purchased (but ten year old) car in for it’s MOT on Friday but the service at Rodney’s was excellent.

Needed some remedial work, which they explained in detail over the phone. The quote was reasonable, and after the work was complete, the final cost was actually a tenner lower than quoted.

They close up at 5:30pm which might have made picking up the car difficult, but they helpfully offered to deliver the car back to my house today free-of-charge and posted the MOT document and my keys through my letterbox.

Great experience all round. :thumbsup:


I just picked mine up the next morning, I didn’t know they would deliver. makes note for next year


Returned to Forest Hill Car Care on Saturday for another MOT on another car. Every time I am in there, it restores my faith in good old fashioned mechanics garages.

Fun and friendly, fairly priced, and no extortionate “oh we found this” moments, even with little old Bertie the BMW

Gets a nod from me.