Local Hero Pauline Wright


Nice little write-up of Forest Hill’s pocket rocket, @Pauline

Spotted on the Forest Hill Society Facebook Page

Not only is Pauline a hero for everything mentioned in the article, she was also instrumental to getting this forum off the ground, and coming up with the idea and the brand.

Thanks P! X


Thanks Chris, but I think you deserve the credit for this brilliant forum :+1:


I feel so humbled about this & also proud.

I certainly don’t think of myself as a hero, but feel very proud to be called this even though I don’t think this.

Massive thanks for the mention, I feel so proud for this mention but don’t think it’s deserved, many others should be mentioned before me.

Like @Michael and @Simon they deserve more recognition than me.

Thanks anyway :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


My main FH partner in crime other than the FH Library team that does so much with me and deserves a mention here is @emmad of @GemsPerformingArts we work well together & she sure does her bit for our community. She is literally a GEM in FH & often goes unnoticed. Without her I couldn’t do half of what I do. So hats off to my main little partner in crime Em :slight_smile:


OH this has came up on twitterland again today & through this I have been joined to a few more SELondon lists on twitter, so all good :to share FH news slight_smile:

Must stress I’m not a hero in anyway but just normal - though I am a tad mad & crazy :rofl::rofl:

Enough of that now & let’s leave it there :+1: