Local hotels, B&B or decent AirBnB



I am organising a family get together for October and can’t sleep all my guests in my house. There seems to be a real dearth of local decent hotels. I mean really local. None of my guests will have cars and much of the weekend’s activities will be in and around my house.

Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations?

Recommended shops and services in SE23
Local places to stay?

I believe there is an air bnb above Mr Lawrence in Crofton park.


All Inn One have just recently renovated the rooms above the pub to rent out :slight_smile:


I didn’t know they had a room. Interesting. Not entirely sure I’d want to lodge guests above a pub, though. Particularly for a weekend.


I think it’s 2 or 3 rooms they have, if you want to ask Julia more about it let me know & I’ll pass on her info.


I’ve had a look through the rooms and they are pretty nice. They seemed to be quite quiet (the pub was open when Iooked through - but it was during the day) and my parents will be staying there when they visit later in the year.


Ah, good to know. I might pop in and ask about them. Would be a perfect location for us.


Good review of rooms at All Inn One on trip advisor. “Waterfall showers and fluffy towels”.


Thanks, @topofthehill, that’s really helpful. Odd that they aren’t advertising the rooms at on their website (unless I missed it). I’ve passed the info on to my in-laws. Another win for SE23.life!


The web site at All Inn One is going to be re-built shortly. And the rooms have only just been finished, so the two things will doubtless come together soon!


All excellent timimg for me!


When I booked a room for a friend last February, they had other bookings on that date and on other dates and they also took several telephone bookings, so I’m not sure that they need to advertise.


@topofthehill What I meant by advertising was mentioning the rooms on their website.


Yes, understood that. Was more pondering on my own thoughts as to why they weren’t advertising, but I expect they will advertise on the website when it’s rebuilt.


Hi - There are some lovely looking Air BnB houses in Honor Oak. Inspired by them we have started to Air BnB and House Swap our own house in Honor Oak for £140 per night. 3 beds sleeps 7. Available 15th October to 29th October if that at all useful for you. I don’t want to advertise fully here but do message me if you are interested. Big garden, stunning views, all mod cons, comfortable and chic home from home. Thanks.


Hi Rachel, my dad stayed there at his last visit and the rooms at all in one are fantastic! Just hope your guest don’t come in August because I need to book some friends in there😃 It is room only so no breakfast but have a nespresso coffe maker in the room


The All Inn One is so close to us, my guests can come to me for breakfast. It’s ideal!


Here I am again, looking for hotel recommendations. I have a friend who needs to stay near Crystal Palace in mid-December. The Travelodge in Penge is a possiblilty but at the top of her budget - she is ideally trying to get two nights for under £100.

Any recommendations for the other side of Crystal Palace? I know there are a handful of hotels on the road back out of CP towards Thornton Heath. I’m also assuming the Astra Palace on Sydenham Hill is a no-go. I’ve heard some pretty hair-raising stories from there.


Julia at All in One. Stay there when we come down. Really nice rooms. That’s if FH is close enough.


Very nice, but beyond the budget.