Local ice cream vans

But of a funny one, but are any vans still doing the rounds? I recall one knocking about in Mayow Park that is all green powered now.

There’s one parked round the corner for me- it’s labelled Londons Royal Docks though so I don’t think it does local rounds. That said- I’m rarely home in time to see so maybe it does?

Quite a few older ones vanished because they no longer meet the pollution standards - they have to have their engines running to power the freezers - and it’s expensive to retrofit them.

In the summer, there’s often one in Dulwich Park and another outside the Horniman - right on the red route lines. After quite a bit of discussion on the EDF, the one in DP did appear to have had the work done

My nonno had a fleet of them years ago and we did look into whether we could hire one for my Mum’s birthday a few years ago (with the ice cream) and there were a few companies around that offered them. That was in Scotland though so no names sadly.

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One pops by the Malham road industrial estate in the summer and one is always parked at the Horniman in the warmer months - screwballs etc but not particularly old school - no 20p bags of sweet treats ! And the 99 may be more like 3.99 now !

There was one in Dulwich Park the other weekend - nicely plugged in to an electric point so no running engine. It was near to the car park, about here (you can see a red vehicle which may be it in the ‘satellite view’:


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There was definitely one doing the rounds last summer as I would hear it on Sunderland Road in the late afternoon/early evenings.

Has the one in Mayow Park gone? There was also one that stopped on Sunderland Road at the end of the school day that was certainly there recently.

There is one who drives round the Devonshire road area still. Its pink and white coloured from memory and it didn’t look overly green powered, but i may be wrong. His ice creams are good tho!

A few of them park outside schools ready for them finishing - often on a Friday. Used to do that at Kilmorie.

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