Local lunchtime favourites

I work from home so am around the area a lot and occasionally get out for lunch. I have a few favourites depending on where I end up.

Today’s is my real favourite, the Tuna & Sweetcorn baked potato at The Teapot. Amazing value! I have this so often they ask me if I want my “regular” when I come in now. Is that good?

What are your favourites in local eateries?

(I’ll try to record my other favourites in this thread on future)

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The iced coffee at the Tea Pot is superb as is the Dime Bar cake!!! I love their toasted ciabatta with mozzarella, parma ham and pesto.

Love the teapot, but have to mention the delicious toasted cheese sandwiches at Aga’s deli.

yes, I have not got to that one yet - I have a different favourite at several different locations. This is my excuse to go for another round over the next few weeks.

Other contributions & suggestions welcome - ideally with pictures!!

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I love the Teapot too - since the coffee has improved from the early days! Once a week I go in with my laptop for a bit of dog-free writing time and have a ham, cheese and red onion chutney panini.

My other favourite is The Archie Parker. Eggs Benedict on a Friday morning or one of their vast Archie Special chorizo and cheese toasties in sour dough bread for lunch on other days.

Haven’t tried Aga’s yet, wasn’t entirely sure what they offered by way of lunch. I like the Montage for working in (cosy back room is heaven), but it’s more of a coffee place than a lunch destination.

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Hi Rachel, how good is the Eggs Benediction as I am a bit of an addict?

I’m guessing they’re “divine”? :joy:


Bit of a connoisseur myself on the old Eggs B, @Londondrz. They’re pretty damned good. Classic English Muffin, lovely thick slices of REAL ham, nicely poached eggs. The hollandaise is a little gluey, I doubt they make it from scratch every morning, but all in all very acceptable.

Eggs Royale? @thirstforwine. Boom Boom :slight_smile:

Seeing this thread makes me realise that I really should start going to local eateries etc. Something I have never done, as I was discussing with @chrisbeach last night

I shall watch for recommendations


I can’t really take part in this convo as they are all my fellow traders :+1: but I’d just like to mention I think most lunch option places have something that they specialise in which are all amazing! So I won’t post my own personal favourites because of this! But I’m a massive foodie & would love to!

These places are best well known on social media for:

Best bacon sarnie - @StDavid
Best cheese toastie - Aga’s Little Deli
Best crumpets & eggs benedict - @TheArchieParker

And there’s so many more :slight_smile: this is just a short example from me.

BTW I actually agree with all posts on this so far.

One thing that I can’t resist mentioning is who can guess my fav local lunch from a local shop?

The clue is cow :joy::joy::joy:

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If anyone can guess this it’s lollipop on me :+1:

I’ll post another clue after every 2 guesses :heart_eyes:

I love fun stuff!

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Today’s ‘special’ is a BLT (with added chicken) on soft and crusty, fresh sourdough bread at @TheArchieParker - yummy


@TheArchieParker is definitely right up there on my list of places to go when I finally get started on my eateries crawl of SE23


Oh! Two more posts :two_hearts:

My next clue is homemade mustard mayo!!

BTW when this is guessed I’ll keep this going with my favs all over FH.

Think I’ll manage to cover all my fellow food traders in the end because I’m greedy :joy::joy::joy:

Ooh I too work from home , I am certainly going to have to start making the rounds and sampling the delicious looking food, the jacket pot looks amazing! Hopefully see you guys around


Continuing with this series, another personal favourite, this time at Canvas & Cream.

This is the Falafel Wrap, with beetroot hummus and Tabbouleh - tastily vegetarian!

This is a slightly different one since I’ve had it on numerous occasions and it is almost never the same twice.

I’ve always enjoyed the wrap immensely, though I have to admit finding the Tabbouleh a bit bland (and the raw onion a little overpowering - they offered to replace it to be fair but I coped). It would be better with some Haydari or Cacic.

Have to say that this place is mobbed for a Monday lunch. Good for them, but a few other local places might be missing out by being shut.

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I have tired C&C a few times but found the service very very slow. Twenty minutes for two coffees with only four people in there. Happy to try again if it has changed.

Well, to be fair to them it was SUPER busy today (most tables inside and out were full for Monday lunch) … but I have to agree that in general there is a ‘casual’ note to the service rather than ‘swift efficiency’ but it works for me there :slight_smile: