Local lunchtime favourites



I used to patronise C&C a lot as it’s a lovely place to sit and work. But I’ve always been a little underwhelmed by the food.

On the recommendation at the top of this thread I had the baked potato with tuna and sweetcorn in the Teapot today. Huge, delicious and tremendously good value.


Bubble and squeak with bacon at canvas and cream. Avocado and chorizo on toast at my Jamii cafe. Vegetarian breakfast (served all day) just over the hill in se22 at Norris & knight (forest hill rd).


Oh and the platter at the random Caribbean vegan cafe in Honor oak is also mostly delicious.


Need photos!!!


Fig and Pistachio has the best quiche I’ve ever tasted. All the baked goods lovely.

Toasted cheese at Aga’s – yum.

Crumpets at Archie Parker.

Best atmosphere: Montage

Canvas and Cream for cake.


Seconded for Fig and Pistachio.


Just had the most delicious French onion soup with cheese and mustard toast at @TheArchieParker. So delicious I got over-excited and spilt some down my front.

Last week I got over-excited by my delicious panini at The Teapot and spilt coffee down my front. Same top, as it happens. Clean on both times. I should probably travel with a bib.


The Eggs Royale at the @TheArchieParker really are very very good. Had a sandwich in the Teapot on Monday and pointed out that someone had written a bad review on Google. What he had written and what he had actually done were very different so posted up my own review. People mystify me sometimes.


I had the French onions soup today aswell it was yummy!


The steak, cheese, roasted peppers and red onion chutney panini was delicious at @No41Coffee today - and very good coffee too.

This is a local gem if you’re in the Brockley Rise area. The friendly staff can also verify your SE23.life profile


The Norris and Knight club sandwich:

So good.