Local martial arts?

Anyone know of any local martial arts clubs?

I’m looking to join something like MMA or kickboxing but can’t seem to find anything advertised online. Any suggestions at all would be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll dig around tomorrow for you Mr RB, sure there’s a few options.

Weekly Tai Chi classes should start up again soon at the Brockley Adult Education centre. Yes it is a martial art. But not quite as fast as MMA.

Urban Krav Maga bellenden road. I haven’t been to this one but I have been to a course run by Darren Sally. It’s the best self defence system which takes the best bits from every martial art and turn it into a defence system for the street in everyday situations and extremely effective in confined spaces.

There is Jujitsu in the Ackroid Centre http://www.shuhojujitsulondon.co.uk . The first MMA champions all mostly had Jujitsu background I believe (focused on grappling, throws and holds etc).

If you wanted Karate http://kkacademy.com is local. My son did gymnastics there but I met the instructor and he had a great teaching method and appeared to be proficient - for Karate I’d personally try him. I prefer Taekwondo myself which I did when younger.

Krav Maga is, I believe, pretty hardcore in terms of what you learn.

All systems think they are the best, but ultimately it depends what you want it for - fitness, confidence, competitive fighting etc. All have their merits.

For general all round stuff you just want a club that makes you feel at home, is a safe environment to learn and gives you confidence to deal with situations (which may be walking away from them).

Good luck!


Fairlawn school hosts a karate club:

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I’m going to keep looking. I’ve found a BBJ class at the bridge Sydenham which looks quite good. Does nobody know of a boxing gym or something more intense?

I could not find any local ones - there was one near Shadwell Station that’s effectively not too far time wise.

What do you mean by intense?

Double Jab at New Cross

http://twiststudios.co.uk/wp/ seems to be right up your street then, bang opposite FH Pools, side entrance 95 Dartmouth Road, by Wild Horses & Crazy Man Crazy.

Honor Oak boxing club which is actually in Catford: