Local massage services

Hoping an SE23 forum member can point me to a good and reputable masseur in or around Forest Hill. Particularly someone good at deep tissue massage. There appear a few according to google but I prefer a personal recommendation.

I am particularly interested in feedback though on the MindBody Group aka Therapy 4 Life with a large shop front at the top of Stanstead Road only because of convenience and proximity.

Thanks in advance.

Perhaps not quite what you’re after, but I’ve used Urban Massage a few times, and found them pretty good!

I’d like to bump this as I too am looking for something therapeutic. I cycle a lot and I spend hours a day hunched over a PC so my legs and my neck are in all sorts of knots. What I wan’t is a proper sports massage that doesn’t cost the earth. I don’t want my chakras aligned, aromatherapy, reflexology or anything like that - just a good sports massage. I went to ES in Dulwich years ago before it was a gym and they were good but looking for something local.
This looks like what I am after - anyone tried her?

@LsBoudoir next door to my shop is really good & Lorna’s lovely :slight_smile:

I ended up using the MindBody Group a couple of times and my other half has used them as well. The first massage was a bit too “deep” for my liking and the masseuse a bit slow to respond to my requests. But the other half found them great. Great prices too.

Massage Treatments

Hi Guys, I cover a wide range of body Treatments at very competitive prices. Not only are my massages very effective I’m able to target and treat and give you aftercare and professional advice.

All my treatments are bespoke to individual needs reflexology is also picked up, and other mehods of deep tissue pain relief such as: Cold Stones, and hot stones are very effective. (Especially for Cyclists)

Please take a look at my website for more info and contact details


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Hi @Lorna_Fagan - I fixed your link as it was slightly wrong.


Mind Body are amazing. Floated on air after my massage. Really lovely people are well and v reasonable. A hidden gem in FH

Reply thanks very much

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Hi Lorna… I see some prices for massages on your website. How long are those sessions?

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I’ve also used Mind Body recently - I’d never noticed it before, which is weird as it’s a big place! Was able to get a same day appointment on a Sunday when I was really knotted up and was impressed. The therapist (Nicole I think) sorted me out in 45 minutes.

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I have to admit I found Mind Body a little heavy handed, and unwilling to break from the set deep tissue, full body routine. Even when the area I needed the attention on was identified, she moved swiftly on to the next part.

A lot of my deep tissue and sports massage is done at Back on Track in Catford now. Can’t recommend them enough.

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I find the same mate - I get asked where to concentrate on and they just do the usual routine although I don’t mind a firm massage. I do like a sports type massage but they can actually be quite painful at the time - the benefits only felt later. Will check out Back on Track.

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Glad I’m not the only one who felt that way. I thought I was being a bit delicate.
I come away from Back on Track bruised sometimes, but for the greater good. A whole hour can be spent focusing on the cause and affected area.
Also helps that they are physios too, so can also advise on exercises, suggest causes etc.

Let me know how you get on.

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I HIGHLY recommend Andy Koval. He is the single best masseur I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to hundreds! He’s over the hill in ED, but absolutely worth it.


Without a doubt the vale practice. Their osteos especially Rebecca know their stuff and this is coming from someone has had spent a fortune over the years on various sports injuries and issues with migraines.

I can personally recommend the Mind Body center on Stanstead Road. Good people good prices.