Local meet-up @ Sylvan Post

It’s been a while and a lot has happened since the last. We need some spiritual healing.

Sylvan Post always wins the vote for the establishment, so can we cut out any ‘democracy’ regarding where to meet and just settle on a date? Do people prefer Thursdays?

Also, just two rules: sock-puppets are not welcome and no forum mutiny talk.


I will happily venture all the way from Norfolk for that.


I think that is a good idea and am up for it. Sylvan Post is ideal.

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Yes I’ll hike down from HOP — or maybe get the train.

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Haha Thursday’s are good for me as I only have Uni for a couple of hours on Friday’s.

Any dates in mind?

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Can I suggest Thursday 22nd August at 7pm.

I can book a table @Sylvanpost if all agree.



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Thursday 22 August is fine for me.

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I’m away from 21 August, but please proceed without me :+1:t2:

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What about the Thursday before Thursday 22 August?

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Yes ok for me x2

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Yes I can do Thurs 15 Aug

  • Thursday 15th August
  • Thursday 22nd August
  • Thursday 29th August

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@Benjamint and I are up for this!

@ForestHull can you let me know the most popular date when the pole finishes and numbers and I’ll book a table/or tables @Sylvanpost to accommodate everyone :slight_smile:

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Funny that there’s a whole topic about saving All Inn One, a locally owned business, and the plan here is to go to Sylvan, which is owned by a chain that famously doesn’t treat their staff well.

I think the topic you mention is about the sale of the all in one, not saving it.

This is a different topic; a different thread of conversation. This site is not a campaign group.

If you want to propose a meet-up at a different establishment then do, but I doubt you will.

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I am a great fan of All Inn One, having been a regular for several years.

However, they no longer have a kitchen so no food is available.

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@Pauline, will do - shall we let the poll run over the weekend and close on Monday? That should give time for everyone to see it.

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