Local meet ups/clubs?


Yes, this one sounds great @finnac - what do you think @Maxine_Hamilton?


Thanks all so much for your help! Lots of great suggestions and can’t wait to try them out :smiley:


Thank you so much for the tip off! I am definitely going to check this out. I did see the Cocaine for Christmas posters but once I worked out it wasn’t a maverick gift idea, I came to the erroneous conclusion that it was some kind of community theatre project (I think the name ‘Stage Door Guy’ got me confused). I also followed a few things they follow on Twitter and shall hopefully be on a counter-culture odyssey before long - will let you know how it goes.


@finnac I can’t knit, but would be fun to learn @Emily_Ray! Depends on the times really!xx


@finnac @Emily_Ray @Maxine_Hamilton Hi Ladies I am new to the area too - just moved to Honor Oak with my husband and cat, and looking to meet some friends to do things with every now and then! Did you guys meet up? What have you found that’s fun to do so far? Thanks :slight_smile: Jessie x


Hi all ! I’m new here too - I’m 30, just started a new job and moved from Cornwall
with my boyfriend and cat (seems to be a theme) - so totally new to London life and don’t know many people ! Very keen to get some meets going or join in some volunteering /
clubs / groups if anyone wants to try any :slight_smile:


Hi, I would also like to make some new friends in the area if there is room for one more :grinning:. Late 30-ies, no cat though…


Welcome to all our new members on this topic! :wave:

Keep an eye on the SE23.life Agenda page as there’s always loads going on locally.


Hi @Jessie,
Thanks for reminding me about this, we didn’t ever get together but if people are keen then shall we try?
@Emily_Ray @Maxine_Hamilton @tashya14 @JS and indeed, anybody else too!

Full disclosure - I don’t have a cat.


Sounds good! Maybe we should just arrange to go for a drink somewhere and go from there! Maybe a weeknight in Feb? I’m free any night w/c 18th…


I’m awful at keeping up and checking this forum but I’m definitely keen to meet up. Shall we choose an evening to meet for a wee drink - maybe in Chandos, to chat about things coming up?x


If you’d like to poll for a date everyone can make, there are some handy instructions here: How to create a poll


Now THIS thread is exactly what local forums etc. do best… hadn’t read it before but have now made notes of a few things to look and AND have signed up to the FH Soc newsletter (even though we already get the paper version!).


Hey! Moved here from the South Coast just over a year ago. Would love to have a meet up and get to know some people locally! I don’t have cats but I do have one anti social boyfriend and two bunnies :joy:


Snap! Came up from Chichester nearly 18 months ago now.


Oh wow, such a great response! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all! I’m more than happy to set up a poll to see when works best for everyone - just off to Essex for the day but I’ll get to it when I get home to a laptop :muscle:


I would be very keen for a drink at the Chandos or the Honor Oak! I’ll keep an eye out for the poll @Emily_Ray


This thread is SO nice. I am old enough to be your mother so not participating, but very happy to see you all connecting.


Thanks Emily! I’ll keep an eye out for the poll! :smiley:


OOOh I’m looking forward to this!