Local meet ups/clubs?


Here we go! I’ve made possibly the most complicated and ugliest looking poll of all time, but hopefully it does the trick! I’ve just kept it to Friday, Saturday and Sundays for now…

  • Friday 8th Feb, evening
  • Saturday 9th Feb, daytime
  • Saturday 9th Feb, evening
  • Sunday 10th Feb, daytime
  • Sunday 10th Feb, evening
  • Friday 15th Feb, evening
  • Saturday 16th Feb, daytime
  • Saturday 16th Feb, evening
  • Sunday 17th Feb, daytime
  • Sunday 17th Feb, evening
  • Friday 22nd Feb, evening
  • Saturday 23rd Feb, daytime
  • Saturday 23rd Feb, evening
  • Sunday 24th Feb, daytime
  • Sunday 24th Feb, evening

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And here’s a poll for the location:

  • Chandos
  • The Signal
  • Sylvan Post
  • The Honor Oak pub
  • The Railway Telegraph
  • Grounds and Grapes
  • The Capitol
  • Donde

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Hi Emily. Thank you for creating these polls. My husband and i would like to join too, if thats ok. We are in our early 30s and have lived in Forest Hill for 3 years. It would be great to have friends here to make our time here more worthwhile. We also really need more people to talk about our cat with too!

I will vote now.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Hi @Alina

Absolutely, everyone is more than welcome to come along, it will be great to meet you both! My boyfriend will be coming along too (as long as he’s not at work!), so it’ll be nice to get a mix of people together. Thinking we probably need to set up a separate poll for a play date for all our cats too! :laughing:

And @appletree - please do feel free to pop along too :smiley: The more the merrier!


Also been here a couple of years but keen to meet people locally. Wine tasting at 161 is on my to do list (bf doesnt drink wine!) Afraid next couple of weekends are busy. Hope find a date that suits lots of people! Not fussed on venue hence not voted.


Hi all - I’ve recently moved to Forest Hill with my partner (we’re aged in our 20s and 30s) and would love to get to know some people locally, especially as I work from home. The book club sounds interesting, as does meeting up for a drink! We’d also be interested in language exchanges, as my partner is Italian and I’m a French translator. Hopefully we’ll meet some of you soon :slight_smile:


Great community contact guys, hope to join you if I don’t have too much Uni homework :slight_smile:


Amazing all! It looks like Friday 22nd Feb is the clear winner at the moment :slight_smile:


Hi - this is such a nice idea. I’d definitely like to pop my head in if that’s ok. I’ve been living here a while now but having a local network is so important and it’s something I’m missing, plus everyone seems really keen and really friendly :smiley:


Thanks for arranging this; afraid I can’t make it that day but hope you have a good time.


Thanks for creating the polls. I’ve lived here for 10 years, but don’t know anybody in the area, so would be nice to meet a few new people.


Will this meetup also provide a chance to get verified? (Not that meeting some folks isn’t enough in itself, but you know, it seems like a good opportunity?)


Yes, good idea @ForestHull.

@moderators from SE23.life and SE26.life are also planning a gathering in Feb - prob on the 22nd - so perhaps we’ll join you guys. We can then verify the profiles of anyone who attends.


I’ve closed the polls now as it seems pretty unanimous - and I want to give people plenty of notice!

Our meet up will be at Sylvan Post on Friday 22nd February. Shall we say from 7pm?

Look forward to seeing you all there! :blush:


If in the future you go for the Chandos they have a Street of the Week - if it’s where you live and can prove it you get a free drink. Also think it’s a really good venue but not actually SE23.


SE23 1LN


Sounds good Emily. Thanks for organising.


Thanks Emily! See you there :smiley:


Hey guys, I’m afraid I am working on Friday night as the dance school I work for have their show! Likely won’t be out until 10ish so will probably miss you lot, but have a good time and hope to meet you all soon!x


Thanks for organising! All being well I should hopefully be able to make it :blush: