Local meeting room hire?

Looking for recommendations. We hold a meeting once a year for our organisation and usually use the community room at Forest Hill Pools. This is still closed it seems. We are struggling to find a local alternative.

Any one got any recommemdations or inside knowledge? We’d be very grateful.

This might be suitable?

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Thanks! Sadly we tried this one and it is not available on the dates we need - looks like there is quite the pent up demand for meeting rooms in SE23!

Hi, you could try the Horniman, their pavilion space might suit you.

There’s a nice space above the Railway Telegraph, which may be available. You may have to pay to hire, or commit to having a few drinks, but it might work.

I’m basing this on where we’ve had our kids parties, or been to for similar (all have small kitchens and tables):

The Hope Centre, Malham Road

St Saviours Scout Hut, Brockley Rise

Ewart Road Community Centre

Also, not quite SE23, but basically Bell Green Access Offices Sydenham might have meeting rooms yu can hire?

Thank you, they sound promising. I really hope they open the community room at Forest Hill Pools as it was a really helpful resource.

The Methodist Church in Normanton Road has a variety of different sized meeting rooms.

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This is a great reference that it would be good to pin in some form.

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Good point - I’ve added it to the Recommended shops and services in SE23

In normal times Sydenham Garden is available for room hire, nice space in a very tranquil setting.

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Hi Hannah,

We’ve just opened a modern funeral home on David’s Road, near the station. It’s nothing like a conventional funeral home and is a beautiful space, I promise! You’re very welcome to use our main area for your committee meeting if that would be helpful, whilst other venues are still closed.


Thanks Louise - we now have a number of avenues to pursue thanks to everyone’s helpful recommendations.

How different is that to the normal undertakers’ premises and, I assume, offerings.


It looks quite nice from the outside too:

I think next door was advertising desks to rent too. Depending on the size of the meeting, that could be a space possibly worth an enquiry.

Try Crofton Park library if it isn’t too far. They have a brand new website set up now, with rooms for hire, newly decorated.

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