Local residents seeking commercial space for music school in Forest Hill

Hello all!
Further to my post in the thread ‘What Else Does Forest Hill Need?’ I’m seeking some help finding appropriate commercial space.
My husband and I are keen to open the Forest Hill Institute of Contemporary Music; music lessons, instrument sales, an examination centre, music production and community music workshops and events.
My husband is a sought-after music teacher and examiner, and I am a former DJ and project manager.
We’ve found several vacant premises that look promising, but we’re struggling to find the contact details to follow up on these. Ideally, there would be a shop front, with room to partition/soundproof and some basement space. Dartmouth Road would be fantastic but we’d consider anywhere central in Forest Hill. We would hope to be up and running before Christmas.
If anyone has any leads on commercial space that meets our criteria, please do get in touch.
Best wishes,
Lucy McLean


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