Local restaurants/pubs with the best outside eating areas

Morning all.
Sun is out and it’s nearly the weekend (yes), looking for your reccommendations for nice restaurants or pubs with nice outside dining areas - don’t mind whether it’s foresg hill / Honor Oak / Catford / Brockley / Lewisham.

Many thanks

I love The Gantry in Brockley.

FYI some related recommendations on another topic: Pub Gardens


The Dulwich woodhouse and the goldsmith arms (Penge) have the nicest outdoor areas for me locally. Goldsmiths more like a park picnic area with cute bunting etc, the woodhouse more manicured, larger with little hut/booths and -la few games to entertain). Lots of dogs likely!


Perhaps just out of your area - Mayow Park’s cafe has a big area out the front which is great to sit and eat in (although expect to be invaded by babies, dogs and starlings!) A little further into Sydenham, at the east end of Sydenham Road, the Dolphin pub has a great garden out the back.


Piazza De La cucina has a lovely garden area, and their activated charcoal pizza is great!


I was just going to add this one. I was pleasantly surprised by their wonderful bear garden with Peroni on tap at the back. Very rustic and perfect for groups. I was always concerned for them as they never looked busy on my walk by… but now I know where all their customers are hiding.

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Can you drink there without eating? Or is it always with a meal?

I asked once and they said they’re happy to have people come for just drinks. I haven’t yet.

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Agreed about the garden area- what is an activated charcoal pizza though??

Hipster for burnt crust.


I was very sceptical but it tastes lovely. A bit nicer than their ordinary bases actually

Piazza De La cucina has a lovely garden area

Very child friendly staff too. A really great place :blush:

I bloody love this place. They serve good food; at great prices, have lovely booze and the staff are ace. Big big fan. Super-speedy on takeaway orders too. And yes, pretty sure they let you sit for una birra without ordering food.


Thanks all. Already a big fan of Piazza… the food is great and the welcome is 2nd to none. It’s definitely on the list of potentials and dulwich woodhouse looks like a good option too. Thank you!

Thanks Rob - yet to visit Mayow park so will be sure to add it to my list :slight_smile:

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Well, the more you know! It was probably time for a return visit anyway!

This topic is very relevant at the moment, now that eating outdoors is safer. We went today to Archie Parker. During lockdown they created a large garden in the back with nice and well-spaced seating. It’s very peaceful back there and you feel sufficiently far from other people to make it a good experience. Recommended for all coffee, cake, and sandwich needs!


Good bump!

We went back to the lovely @subplot_57 for evening gins on Friday night. They have somehow magicked a really lovely garden out of nowhere, with space for what looks like up to 25-30 people. There’s a 9pm curfew for the outside space, after which people move indoors, but since they now open at 5pm there’s a little more outside time available.

Also of course Canvas and Cream have a cute flowery little garden space out the back which is always popular.


At Piazza Della Cucina on Saturday. They’ve made the best of their outdoor space, sun or no sun whichever you prefer. Knockout pizza too. And their olives are now from the next door shop.


Babur marquee In a large garden space adjacent to the restaurant proper looks an excellent near outdoor choice too.