Local seamstress/clothes repair (serger/flatlock stitches)


Anyone know a good local seamstress/clothes repair place? Looking to get some pulled/split seams repaired in some sports kit, slightly complicated as the seams are all flatlock stitches.


Maybe try Stag & Bow, if they can’t do it they’ll probably know someone who can :slight_smile:


I’ve always used 2001 Dry Cleaners (141 Stanstead Road, near the Fire Station) for repairs and alterations. Tel: 020 8291 3650.

Around the corner from him, M&M Dry Cleaners (5 Wastdale Road) have a good reputation for alterations


Thanks both, will pop by each to see what can be done

If no luck there the dry cleaners in Crofton Park on the left hand side are very good & reasonable.

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Has anyone tried the service from the cleaners on Dartmouth Road?

I have. They fixed a dress for me and did a beautiful job although it did take them well over a week as they had to find an appropriate zip (which seems fair, but just a word of warning I case people want things done speedily)

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