Local tree surgeon



Any recommendation for local firm to remove trees?

Recommended shops and services in SE23

We had Cameron from Amber Tree Care around and he seemed good (we’ve not actually used him yet but our intention is to do so)


Try Patrick Somerville on 07879 025401. He is a tree surgeon based in Honor Oak and has done a number of jobs for us. Very good.


@Cazimo If it was your tree, legally he has to give you the cuttings, while being allowed to cut anything overhanging other properties, as long as it doesn’t damage the tree.


Also true! Hang on to those trimmers as recompense.


+1 for Amber Tree Care

Reasonably priced, turned up on time & no mess left behind.


We used Hamish to remove 3 taller than our house trees, which were at the front of our house, in addition to removing some branches from another tree. He was great, really nice guy.



Just spoke to Campbell at Amber Tree Care, seems like a very nice guy and he is popping around on Saturday.


Thanks all for the suggestions. Will call each to get a quote and report back when the work is eventually done.


I haven’t used, but have met and heard good things about Hamish at this place (he gave me a load of wood when cutting down a neighbour’s tree).



We’ve used these guys a couple of times, based on a recommendation from a colleague: http://treesrus-treecare.co.uk/

Would definitely recommend - we got several quotes to get rid of some big pine trees in the back garden and theirs was the best one. Tidied up really well too - if it weren’t for the absent trees, we’d hardly have known they were there!


Just used Treesrus and George was great. Quick job, very friendly and cleared up nicely. All for a good price too.