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Hi, looking for someone to add some height to our roof terrace railings… Need to weld an additional guardrail into place Could you let me know if you’re available to chat please? Thank you…


Yes my number is 07906887625

Brockley home welder


Yes…its possible but need to know the precise situation etc…

It may be possible to fricate something offsite and then bolt to your existing fence …ir it may be possible to weld and fabricate in situ…


Brockley home welder


Hello. I have a victorian style double bed.i would like to lower the rails at the foot of the bed, maintaining the style and ensuring it is safe. Is this the kind of work you would do?
Best, Marie


Thankyou for your enquiry Marie lm sure l could help you with your bed. I would need to check it out first to see whats involved also… access …if lm to do it in situ…my welder is wuite large or l might be able to construct something in my workshop and bring it to you to fit.



Brockley home welder


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