Location, location, location [2016]

Rumours suggest that Location, location, location are going to be returning to Forest Hill in the next few weeks.
Watch out for film crews and celebrities in cafes.

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It’ll be interesting to see what effect the Brexit vote has had on pricing.

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Hopefully Brexit has opened up the housing market to a whole generation of young aspiring first time buyers.

The price shock (combined with Osborne’s new landlord tax and the fluctuating Sterling) will have driven away property speculators.

Mortgages rates are expected to fall further too, so this could be a golden era for young working people.

Not sure of that just yet Chris. Mrsldrz has seen a good few properties sell at asking price (pre Brexit) recently. There is a slowing but I think that is because everyone is wondering what will happen. Also, with the pound so low outside investors continue to see the UK, and particularly London, as a good place to buy. I guess only time will tell.

It’s on channel 4 now. How many happy people will move into Forest Hill?
Or will Forest Hill finally fail to deliver for this TV program?


They’re making Sydenham look lovely. The power of television!


What a sad ending. Priced out of ‘Sydenham’ (in Southwark but within spitting distance of SE23, closest station Forest Hill), having to settle for Beckenham. And the other house hunter wasn’t even offered a property in Forest Hill, which seems unfair for her. In the end she had to make do with a nice flat in Crystal Palace.

Yeah, we were lost but not forgotten.
Wild Horses on Dartmouth Road was shown a couple of times and Kirstie referred to one of the properties as being close to “super trendy Forest Hill”.


If you missed tonight’s episode:

As usual:


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if this is how one should now refer to Forest Hill - are there adjectives left to describe East Dulwich, Clapham or Hoxton?

Perhaps the Forest Hill Society should start a campaign to stop people referring to Forest Hill as “Super Trendy” as it is not fair on these other areas of London that require this adjective to retain their self-worth and homogenised uniqueness.


Yes Michael, I’m not one for all this ‘Super Trendy’ blerks but I’d go along with ‘quirky’.

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Flipping Fantastic?

Well Fandabydosy folks :joy::joy:

Stop that pic Mr, I can’t take you seriously :joy::joy:

See ya soon boss :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: