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Are there any particular YouTube channels you’re following to help pass the time during lockdown? One I’ve stumbled across which is of great interest to me is called Essential Craftsman hosted/presented by an American carpenter and spec house builder based in Roseburg, Oregon. What I find so unique about this channel is the calm and concise manner in which he takes the viewer through the process of building a timber-framed house from the footings all the way up to the roof shingles. He’s incredibly hands-on and you never feel as if he’s showing off, which you get a lot of on channels featuring similar content. I’ve helped build countless houses, blocks of flats, etc., and throughout my career I’ve always held an interest in the other side of construction: carpentry, and I feel as though I’ve finally found a channel that’ll help unlock some of those secrets. I know I’ll never become a time-served carpenter off the back of watching this channel, but I was hooked by the first episode.

Essential Craftsman

Besides that, have any of you got any suggestions for YouTube channels you find interesting that you’d like to share?

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Here’s another. It features cockpit footage of modern airliners form take-off to landing.

Just Planes

I watched a cockpit video on Youtube a couple of days ago. It’s mesmerising, especially in 4K. And quite relaxing.

Tell me about it. They’re so addictive it just becomes one after the other.

I know it’s not practically accessible in the current situation, but for anyone interested in home butchery, recipes and meat, fish and game preparation I thoroughly recommend The Scott Rea Project.

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Try The New Yankee Workshop. The skill is wonderful.

Also, for the mechanic, Project Bilney.

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Primitive Technology

No talking, no intros, no outros - just does what it does.

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Figured I’d go through my subscriptions and recommend a few channels.

You Suck At Cooking - Unconventional cooking instructions, very silly stuff.

Omeleto - Tonnes of short films spanning many genres.

Jay Foreman - Particularly recommend the following playlists… 1. Unfinished London, 2. Map Men, 3.Politics Unboringed

Aunty Donna - Off the wall Australian sketch comedy. May not be for everyone. I cannot not watch their videos.

Tom Scott - Been a fan of this chap since the early 00’s, a lot of great informative content on his channel

The CrafsMan - SteadyCraftin - Could listen to this man talk all day. One of my favourites of his is him talking about things he likes

GeoWizard - This Guy did a “Mission Across Wales” last year sometime. Makes for entertaining viewing, especially given how underprepared he was. He also did a series called “How Not to travel Europe

First We Feast - Particularly their Hot Ones videos (celebrities being interviwed whilst eating increasingly spicy chicken wings)

ElectroBoom - A lot of the science in these goes over my head, but they are entertaining videos about electronics

Edit: Can’t believe I forgot this one…!

kiwami japan. This guy spends hours (sometimes days) making knives out of things. No talking just silent craftsmanship. I’ve lost many an hour watching these.


How about the AkiYuki Brick Channel - the lego ball passing machines this guy makes are unbelievable.

There’s some more info about this lego genius here:

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Neat! Will be sure to check that out.

I’m instantly reminded of the Wintergaten marble machine…

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For those missing theatre:

National Theatre
The Shows Must Go On

If you like Omoletto try Dust.


Marjorie Dawes is a fan.

Dust has some lovely content - constantly pops up on my feed.

Danger Zone with X-Wings

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