Locked bike got stolen



Hello everyone, I hope you guys will be able to keep an eye and let me know if you happened to have seen my bike in the area. I lock the bike at the bike rack near 25-27 Perry Vale near the station every weekday morning. As usual, I locked it there last Friday morning and headed to work. When I come back, the bike, together with the lock was already gone!!! The bike is not very expensive but I use it everyday so I’ll be missing it! Also this is the first bike I bought for myself using my first full time job salary so it is very meaningful to me :frowning:

Here are the details of the bike:

  • Brand: Carrera
  • Model: Ladies TDF LTD road bike
  • Colour: silver frame and yellow strips
  • size: S
  • accessories: x1 small white light at the front (battery is dying); x1 small red light at the back
    P.S The handle was amended from the road bike handle to the black upright handle.


This is the bike before changing the handle.


The only picture I have with the upright handle.


Hard luck, must be very annoying. Stolen bikes often show up on gumtree or ebay . I have a friend whose bike appeared on eBay 2 months later. Might be worth keeping an eye out. There are loads of this model for sale but only a few would have the handlebars changed like yours. Hope you have reported to the police.


Have used the online form and reported it to the police yesterday. However, I have already received a reply from them saying that they have to close the case because they don’t have sufficient evidence to proceed further! I talked to the station staff last night and the gentleman was saying that there is indeed a council CCTV covering the area where I have stored by bike. Met police said they cannot check cctv if the time frame is over 20 minutes and asked me to approach staff myself and ask for the footage and then email it over to them!!! Unbelievable!



Apologies for the delay in writing this.

My partner and I were in the All Inn One on Friday evening and having checked our phone records we left there just before 7pm.

The point is that around 6:30 we spotted a red flashing light in the vicinity of the bike rack. In the poor light we thought we could see two people - but not clearly enough to identify them. Did your bike have a flashing alarm ?

Having worked on the railway and managed CCTV installations on stations, I am afraid that approaching the operating company will not bring the result you would hope for. Most have a policy that is intended to prevent provision of extracts of recordings to the public.

However do try approaching British Transport Police - technically they may accept that the crime has happened on their patch. If they do - they have the technical capability to extract the necessary records from the operating company’s footage.

The technical spec for on station CCTV is to provide prosecutable quality imagery even in low and zero light conditions.

Good luck.

Oh and the twenty minute thing is absolute nonsense. A scan of the video stream at high speed will enable an operator to look at several hours of coverage in minutes and allow them to narrow down to when the theft occurred.


Hello, thanks for your message.
Unfortunately I don’t have a flashing alarm on my bike. I have contacted Lewisham council trying to get the CCTV footage for that day but sadly they said that the CCTV was out of order! I have no hope now :frowning: