Locks glued shut on Dartmouth Road



Ho Ho Ho! ‘‘Tis The season to be jolly and goodwill to all men!
Well that’s what it’s meant to be.
Can’t believe that when we walked past the Pop Up Christmas Tree Shop, Dartmouth Road earlier, and the poor lad there had spent 2 hours getting into his shop, because someone super glued all their locks shut!!
Absolutely disgusting behaviour!! Wondering whether any other businesses in SE23 have suffered the same over night or JUST the Pop Up Christmas Tree Shop…? that only opened the other day.


That is awful, and very suspicious. I hope we’re not seeing the Christmas Tree War of 2018? :fearful:


Ugh, that sounds petty and annoying. Possibly too late now, but superglue can be removed if you can get this stuff on it:

There are other brands too, but couldn’t see any at screwfix.

The time lost is the real crime here though.


You can use nail polish remover (acetone) to dissolve super glue.

Sad that some prat has done this though.


I saw them drilling the locks this morning and the police down watching.

I was in whs Smith and saw someone messing with the signs chained to the pole directly outside too


That’s awful!

The library was fine as I locked up at 5 tonight.

I’ll go check my old shop now as @Anotherjohn is happy for me to keep hold of the keys until the new tenant moves in properly, good idea incase of this type of thing!

I’ll check the shops either side too.


Old Sugar Mountain locks are fine, also looked at the new flower shop next door and the locks look fine there too.

Looked @leafandgroove locks and they look normal & @TheArchieParker have shutters and they are normal.

So these are all okay :slight_smile:


How awful. I just don’t understand people sometimes. Appalling.


Also, spray a small amount of a product like WD40 in the locks makes super gluing them useless.


Lots of good tips I never knew about!
These can be passed on if some horrible person decides to do it again. (Hopefully not). :christmas_tree: