Loft conversion - any recommendations?



Hi, looking to have our loft converted and could do with some building firm recommendations. Ball park prices would be a bonus too if anyone had had recent work done and would mind sharing. Looking to have one bedroom and bathroom with dormer hip to gable.


NEEDED: Loft conversion company recommendations
NEEDED: Loft conversion company recommendations
Recommended shops and services in SE23

Possibly helpful:

@BMSE23 is a verified member so his recommendation is extra-credible.


Hi James1P

I used Classic Lofts a few years back and they were very good. From start to finish was about 6/7 week. Cant remember the exact cost but was somewhere in the region 35k I think.


PM me if you want a recommendation of who to avoid. For the life of me I wouldn’t have them do my loft again.


Prices are typically quoted in the 35k area depending but you really have to check what you get for that. Our didn’t include the actual cost of the bathroom furniture for example - just the cost of fitting it. Tilling, flooring, decorating etc can all be extras. Like @Stephen we had a fairly rubbish experience although our end product is OK.


Hi @James1P…we very recently used a firm called Detailed Developments for our loft conversion, even though they weren’t the cheapest quote. We had a great experience and are really happy with the finished product. They’re a small firm in Croydon. If we ever have the funding to do our kitchen we’d definitely have them back. Good luck with it - it’s a huge decision!


Thanks Nick, might have to look a bit further afield. Quotes I’ve had so far, only a couple, have been a lot more. You’re right about checking what’s included, seems to be quite a range being offered. Hard work!


We used benchmark lofts (tom) and they were excellent and very competitive.dont know if you can private message on this forum but do if you can and want to take a look


I had my loft converted by a company called LMB Lofts. I do NOT recommend them.


I thought I’d add to this as we have recently used benchmark Lofts and have been very impressed. They started and finished on time, (7weeks start to finish including decoration for 2bedrooms and a shower room) very competitively priced and included decorating costs too. All their workman were nice and respectful and importantly, good at their job - especially the decorators who have given a really good finish and Tom was always on hand to discuss design ideas and troubleshoot concerns that may be arising. Thoroughly recommend


Just wanted to add to my earlier recommendation for Tom and add to JBrew’s to mention that he and his team have been out to redecorate after areas around the new staircase settled (inevitable after loft conversions) and they have been fantastically responsive with the odd snag. Brilliant team of builders and 12 months on from completing our loft, first and ground floor adaptations and installing a kitchen we still absolutely love it. Competitively priced and very highly recommended. Google Benchmark lofts or he’s on 07747 694087


We used Taylored lofts - excellent and I would recommend them. It is worth running a competitive an informal tendering process though, so you understand the differences between the suppliers, what’s important to you in the design and it also helps reduce the cost.