Loft conversion - any recommendations?

Just finishing up our loft build with Taylored - couple of weeks to go. Happy to answer any questions on how we’ve found them etc. over DM (although I might need that function enabled on my account).

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We have just had our loft done by Benchmark Lofts based on the positive feedback I found on the east dulwich forum. Tom and his team did a really good job so I would recommend them.

The other company that I was impressed with but we didn’t go with in the end was Ash Island lofts. They came accross really well and I have had feedback from others that their work is good.

In terms of cost, we had quotes through from Selcom, Taylored lofts, Benchmark and Ash Island and they all came though at around the same price based on our requirements.

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Hi there, we’ve used Plaster Fever for our kitchen extension and loft conversion. We cannot recommend them enough! We were lucky to have Lu the director managing our build, it all run smoothly, on time and budget. The attention to details and design ideas were second to none. -

Just avoid LMB lofts, LMB Group, or LMB Loft Conversions or LMB Lofts limited or Addiscombe Building Contractors Limited and their pumped up online reviews. I’ve had around 20 or so people contact me and had to tell them to avoid them at all costs, and probably saved them a lot of grief.

If you apply for planning permission in Croydon you’ll be on the list and will almost certainly get Lee Murphy out of nowhere knocking on your door trying to convince you to use his company to do a loft extension. I pretty much know all the inner workings, financial transactions, communication interceptions, etc…as I was more than willing to go court with his ratbag solicitor, and funnily enough, I’m still waiting for a date! DM if need any more info.

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Hi, can anyone give me some ideas for loft conversion in the south london area. I’m not looking for any thing fancy, I have some time to manage the project but would largely like a proactive company me and my partner work. Do these figures add up from: Visionary

Also is the dust at the beginning of the project terrible for a new born? I’ve heard when the roof gets knocked through it can get badly dusty?

We used Taylored lofts and found them to be terrific. There’s some dust in any loft conversion but it shouldn’t impact anyone in the house. The loft conversion itself should be relatively contained and dust free. The breaking of the ceiling for the new stairs creates the dust but it was much less than I was expecting. Discuss with your contractor and they should be able to put in place additional protection where required or you could arrange alternative accommodation for a couple of days if you don’t feel comfortable. My experience is the dust levels are minimal - but I understand why you may be concerned. I would press on but be prepared for a plan b accommodation plan should you feel dust levels are unacceptable.

We’re past the half way mark now. Having worked with other builders i would recommend them so far. They have been good at communicating, generally responsible and flexible. Im not sure what a family friendly builder is…generally dust aside…they try…but at the end of the day you have to keep an eye out for sharps and hazards.

We started it! dust hasn’t been that bad, you were right Nylon think I was just concerned for kids really, our plan b was staying with parents. So thanks for that if anything just put our mind at rest but probably won’t be necessary. We went with Visionary Lofts over some others mainly on trust got a good vibe from an initial visit felt I could trust builders with my kids around. Will update soon!! Maybe with pics!

Hi Dan, We’re considering Taylored Lofts to do our loft conversion & wondered if you’d be able to copy me your feelings about them? In particular we’re looking for a company who have a personal touch, and who we’re able to have direct communication with the person running it. Also, if you got more than one quote, how did they compare? Thanks.

Hi Julian,
Overall we’ve been pretty happy with Taylored. The build went fine and they were super quick and the building team are all pleasant to deal with and their work was of a good standard. We had a few issues with the project manager as she seemed to lose interest as we got towards our completion date as I imagine she was on to the next one by that point. She was good at managing the building team and dealing with ‘big stuff’ but we were a bit disappointed by the approach to the finer details - ultimately the end product we’ll see day-to-day. Some of the architrave for example was done poorly and a couple of the sockets not done squarely…things like that. Minorish things but the sort of thing that you’ll always ‘see’. Our decorator said some of the finish (plastering, woodwork) was a bit slapdash. We had an issue with some of the plastering and to their credit it was fixed and painted pretty quickly and to a decent standard. James Taylor seems to appreciate the value of word of mouth so is very good at making sure any issues are dealt with - we got to the point of dealing with him directly rather than the PM. So in short I think we’d give them 7/10 - decent build experience and the final result is good. Areas of improvement would be better PM (although I do think if you have time and are happy to drive them a bit harder they do react accordingly) and attention to detail on the final fixes (plastering and woodwork esp). I would get them to quote for a rear extension we’re considering so they are definitely recommendable. Price wise we had other quotes and they are all very similar. Final thing to note, which I believe is different to other firms, is they breakthrough very early on and get the stairs in place around week two. This means all the trades - and materials - thereafter come through the house. So you end up with a lot of footfall through the house and your nice new staircase looks knackered! Although nothing the decorator couldn’t fix…we went fully carpeted, if having a runner it might mean a lot more prep work. I think Outlook etc all put the stairs in last and bring trades up the scaffold.
Best of luck with it,


Hi @Coolsite…not sure if you are looking for any other recommendations but we used for our loft conversion a couple of years ago. Small firm, dealing directly with the owner Danny, and even my very fussy OH was and still is delighted with the finish. We’ve since had them back to do a bathroom last year and that was also excellent. Good luck with it whoever you choose!

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Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll definitely check them out.


Thanks for the comprehensive review of your experience with Taylored. The “breakthrough” advice is very helpful, as I’m not to keen on that being done early. I’ve got a friend who’s just starting a loft conversion with them too, so I’ll see how the early stages go for him. I think I’m going to get initial quotes from Taylored, Benchmark, Outlook & Detailed Developments. I’ve heard some really good things about Outlook, so I’m hopeful that they might impress. Thanks again, & good luck with the extension. Julian.

Happy to discuss benchmark if you want to pm me

No problem. Friends of ours had Outlook - excellent job. Best of luck with it…definitely worthwhile.

We used Classic for a loft conversion in 2010 (we are West Dulwich). All seemed reasonably fine (normal snagging type issues but nothing major) until about two years ago when the roof to our loft conversion began to leak.

We have recently had a roofer up to look and the roof is covered in holes and water has started to come through - the roof timbers are getting wet and we need to repair the lead covering on the roof urgently.

The roofers who have had a look for us have explained that the lead used for the loft conversion roof is too thin - so the whole covering needs replacing with the proper grade of lead.

The sash timber windows they put in are now also very soft in places, (not whether they need repairing). We have repainted them a couple of times, so not from lack of maintenance.

We are going to contact Classic this week - they guaranteed the loft conversion for 10 years - to see what they say, and I will keep the forum updated on how they respond and whether they honour the guarantee they gave us when they completed the work.


My partner and i have just completed our loft with Benchmark Lofts and we couldn’t be happier with the finish and the whole process in general. We had quotes from Taylored lofts and Classic lofts however Benchmark appealed more as they are a smaller company without multiple teams and project managers. Their quote was also a lot more comprehensive and included more electrical points and tiling that now the project is finished, we fully appreciate were needed.
Tom the owner of Benchmark is the project manager and is on site everyday which makes life so much easier and he was always very helpful with design ideas. The guys onsite were polite, clean and tidy and there was a great emphasis on the work being of a high standard.

Please feel free to PM

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Hi there,

We too are wanting recommendations for a loft company are you able pm Benchmark contact details with photos of the work they carried out for you.

Many thanks,