Loft conversion - any recommendations?



My loft build starts next month and im going with taylored lofts after a good amount of research and meeting 4 companys. I didnt speak to Classic as ive heard alot of bad things about them.


Thanks Simon, this helps a lot! Do you have a website or contact info for them? Want to make sure I reach out to the right people :slight_smile:

#49 Based on Stanstead Rd.


Just finishing up our loft build with Taylored - couple of weeks to go. Happy to answer any questions on how we’ve found them etc. over DM (although I might need that function enabled on my account).


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We have just had our loft done by Benchmark Lofts based on the positive feedback I found on the east dulwich forum. Tom and his team did a really good job so I would recommend them.

The other company that I was impressed with but we didn’t go with in the end was Ash Island lofts. They came accross really well and I have had feedback from others that their work is good.

In terms of cost, we had quotes through from Selcom, Taylored lofts, Benchmark and Ash Island and they all came though at around the same price based on our requirements.