Loft Conversion Planning

Hi all,

Looking at getting my loft converted over the next few months, I have some good recommendations for people to do it however need a little advice around the planning.
The flat is on Woolstone Road which falls under the Perry Fields conservation area. I know this will limit what I can do, but wondered if anybody else has gone through the process already and know how it will likely limit me / if there is any precedent?
I’m a First Time Buyer so need all the help I can get ! :slight_smile:

Look on the street itself. Does anyone else have a loft? That will give you an idea of what you will be able to do. Usually they are all the same.

The loft company you engage with will know best.

If in a conservation area you will unlikely be allowed to do anything which changes the street-side elevation including even roof lights.

Also worthwhile checking other applications and see what has, and has not been approved.

We have just completed ours on como road, and had to go through planning as we are in a flat (not a conservation area). The trick was demonstrating to the council plannner that there already a precedent in the road for the work we wanted to do. We had a rear dormer and roof lights on the front. Lots of other lofts had been similarly converted in the road so it was approved without challenge. Agree with a couple of the previous responses, have a good read of the lewisham council planning regs and have a good look around at other conversions on surrounding roads.

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I think there are already two houses on Woolstone Road with loft conversions. I think they are about 47 & 49.

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Hi, I’m a local architect and I actually work with historic buildings in conservation areas in my practice. I’d be happy to walk you through the process if you’d like, and if you decide to proceed with it I can offer you my services. Feel free to message me. Tom

Hi Tom,

Thank you for this! Sorry I’m new, how do I drop you a message?

Tap the username and then tap the Message button