Lolo's Patisserie


Does anyone know what’s going to happen to Lolo’s Patisserie on Siddon’s Road / Perry Vale?

It was a good place to head to during the day and seemed to be popular but it’s been shut for a few weeks now and no sign of what’s to replace it.

Anyone know of any news?


Very curious business over time this.
Seems to have been busy enough to survive, yet changed hands and remodelled a couple of times.
Certain a place for a bakery / coffee shop / sandwich shop there.

My only experience there wasn’t fantastic I have to say, but pleasant little place all the same.


Yes it closed once before and reopened, but from what I understand this time it’s closed for good. It’s a shame, there always seemed to be customers, so I don’t know exactly what the problem was. However the coffee wasn’t brilliant and there’s a lot of other good coffee shops around. Also, it’s just around the corner from a traditional cafe so any business would have to offer something different to that.


I tried to use Lolo’s when I could but it didn’t seem to know what it was offering. It had nice baked goods, but not enough of them. Nice sandwiches and salads, but not enough of of them. Never being sure what I might get, I usually went elsewhere. I think a straight up bakery would do very well there. Cut out all the other food. Add a few seats for people who want a sausage roll and a quick coffee rather than the full cafe option.


After a failed planning application to convert the unit to the tiniest bedsit, it looks like this shop unit is now up for rent.

Hopefully a nice little sandwich shop or similar will pop up, especially with the offices almost next door in the old fire station. :crossed_fingers:

I think the planning department got this one right.


This might interest you.


@BlytheHillShop is looking at this. Couldn’t agree more :slight_smile:


There is a new letting sign on the building:

We can only hope the rent is reasonable and we get something good!


Couldn’t agree more. But I believe the issue is the owner won’t allow for a change of use to allow it to be a coffee shop that serves warm food. Booooo.


£1250 pcm, or £15k per annum ex rates & services apparently. I’ve no idea how that compares to other premises in the area, but it’s a lot of coffee each month!