London added to the national COVID-19 watch list

Lewisham Council have posted this on Twitter this afternoon:

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According to Imperial we’ve gone from 1% recently to
Probability of being a hotspot: 2%

I guess that’s only a modelled forecast of course.

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Lewisham does seem to be one of the boroughs with lower rates of spread. However if there are further measures I suppose it has to apply to all of London. Wouldn’t work otherwise.

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And at the risk of sounding like a stuck record STILL every day I encounter people not wearing masks on the Overground,Tube,or in shops.
I think its almost turning into some sort of ‘macho’ (although thats the wrong term as some women have been among the culprits) thing to defy the instruction to wear a mask.
People (especially the under 40’s) just aren’t taking it seriously enough and without these rules being enforced stringently (which will not happen due to lack of manpower and fear of reprisal) this can only get worse.
I dont wish to start another ‘mask debate’ as there is one already but I just wish for all our sakes people would take responsibility and get a grip.


Map makes it look as though they should put a quarantine border along the Thames :rofl::rofl:

The government don’t help with one rule for us another for the public! I agree masks should be worn until this virus has gone. However I can see why people are doing this and it is not right sheep follow sheep.
Sadly the miscommunication and misleading information is working perfectly to divide people so wrong hey?? especially how some people behave in public let alone behind closed doors is very shocking oh dear. I have no hope for such people I am trying and to say NHS are getting paid to lie about this is wrong and take the flack for it all but private companies are being given millions to mess it up and then given more money to do it again is amazing. Dam it… I must not get to deep stick to subject I must stick to subject…hard not to when it is part of the piechart of major mess up sorry gonna say it such fools I said it! Coffee time is needed for me now getting on my little box again maybe a treat to calm me down hmm.