London Overground Covid-19 Service Changes

From Monday 23rd March, London Overground will have the following changes.

Dalston to New Cross = Cancelled completely.
Highbury & Islington to West Croydon = Cancelled completely.

Services will be 4tph Highbury & Islington to Crystal Palace and 4tph Highhbury & Islington to Clapham Junction.

IF staff levels drop below a certain level due to being put in isolation, then it may be required to drop to 2tph for each. Prepare for any changes. As such, there is no plan for any LO station to close as they have on London Underground.

Be aware, that staff levels does not mean just drivers, but also managers, station staff, controllers, signallers, maintenance, cleaners etc. The railway is a massive operation requiring many people to keep it running. If you encounter a staff member whilst travelling, please take a deep breath before you yell at them for lack of service. They are there helping you to travel whilst your loved ones are happy and self-quarantined.


Worth noting that with the Southern changes as well, the only direct train service to Croydon will be the Southern services to East Croydon which will operate all day as they change to a Saturday timetable from the week of the 23rd and a Sunday timetable from the 30th.

Those of you who wish to use West Croydon (for the cheaper fare) will have to change at Norwood Junction for the Southern services.

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From Monday, trains will operate to West Croydon again every 30 mins. Trains to Highbury & Islington will continue to run every 15 mins.

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Thank goodness for that, it Iooks like I’ll be back at work next week as my son shows no sign of the virus. I wasn’t looking forward to relying on Southern’s services from and to West Croydon.

FYI, West Croydon trains will operate at x12 and x42 past each hour.

Crystal Palace will be served by two Southern trains and two Overground trains from Monday as well.


Thank you.