Lonely Cat on Devonshire Rd

Edit: owner located but the cat is MIA! Please let me know if you see him and can scoop him up. His name is Buddy.

Has anybody else noticed a lovely cat along Devonshire Rd (between HOP station and the Devonshire Nature Reserve) who seems to be always outside the past few days? It looks as if it’s fed and housed but seems very lonely as it approaches me for pats and follows me along the street for a long way when walking home. It’s rather unusual behaviour for a cat. I worry if it’s lonely that it’s also hot and thirsty in this weather.

It has no collar or tags. The photo doesn’t show the distinguishing black spot on its face, because the cat wouldn’t oblige me by looking at the camera. Any ideas about where this cat lives?


Seen at block 14 SE23 3NR


This cat appeared on our front drive this evening. Thought it was one of our friend’s friend’s missing cats but it isn’t and just found this notice.

He’s been hanging out and sleeping in our front garden (Devonshire Road) every day for the last few days, we wondered if he was missing. Is the owner still looking for him and do you know how we can get in touch?

Hi, yes I do! I’ll send you her details.


Hi, yes he is still here at 304 Devonshire road. Do you know where the owners live?

This is my cat, just to reassure you. He’s got me and my mum at home and 3 other cats. We think he’s been going out because other people are feeding him so we got him a collar and an ID tag to show he’s got owners. He is very friendly and is a rescue cat so he may have been going out on the street in his previous home but we’re not sure.
He knows exactly where he lives (266, bottom bell) and can get back as he does regularly.
I just ask you don’t feed him as we are trying to encourage him to stay home. Thank you for your concern, it’s nice to know people care about local pets.
Also his name isn’t Buddy so not sure where that came from and he isn’t missing. There was a similar looking cat around so might be causing confusion.
Thanks, Kirsty