Longhorn American / Italian Diner Crofton Park


So I’ve not seen much written about this place, but tried it today ( 2 adults 2 under 5s).

Really nice burgers, homemade and beautifully seasoned, great milkshakes and super friendly welcome.

Good portion sizes, clear plates all round, good value and very close to reach -171, 172, 122 stop 30 seconds away. It’s just opposite the beer dispensary / Mr Lawrence Wine bar a stone’s throw from Crofton Park station.

Whilst the table and seats ae basic as such, the atmosphere is really nice inside.

If you like burgers I’d urge you to try it, with or without kids. The mac and chesee looked good also, and they had steaks on the menu.



We’ve eaten the food from Longhorn as takeaway and sitting in and it’s been great every time. Not fussy, but cooked with real love, care and attention - it’s a local gem.


Been meaning to try this place for a while, looking forward to it when I get a chance :slight_smile:


Ah this place is my secret! It doesn’t look like much but the food is great, it’s very reasonably priced, super kid friendly (so avoid after school time if you don’t like kids) and never too busy. And the meatballs are both giant and a secret recipe from genuine Italian Nonna. The kids love it! Try the Oreo milkshake :slight_smile:

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Its top food served by nice people. Its a good family owned local joint. Sadly it has become very pressing that I lose some weight therefore I will not be going in for the foreseeable future. ;-(


Sorry for revealing the secret Fran! :slight_smile:

I didn’t realise they did takeaway Dave - this is not good news for my waist!


Inspired by this thread we went in at the weekend. Great burgers and the boozy milkshakes very tasty!


Working at home today I felt a burger craving coming on so popped in lunchtime for a New Yorker (sadly sans fries & bun while I tune up carb-less to start at the the gym.:innocent:). Crikey, it was good – and Rudi and Maria charming. Now if only apple pie was carb-less… This place really deserves to succeed.


I know I’ve commented on this place before but having just had tea there wanted to again say how awesome this place is. I really don’t get why it’s not busier. The decor is a little 1997 but the food is great, the owners are lovely and it’s cheap especially the massive kids portions. They sell booze now too. They’ve just started deliveroo too. Highly recommend.


I’m going to have to try it in situ. I ordered some takeaway from them via Deliveroo and it was awful.


Another here here for this place. Fabulous burgers. Calabrese burger was particularly fantastic. Kids loved it. Lovely owners. Would thoroughly recommend.


Like this place too (and kids absolutely love it) but if the beef has the good provenance they advertise they should offer the burgers cooked rare - as with other restaurants targeting this market. I did suggest this to them but they said it’s illegal to sell rare burgers. It’s not.

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We were in Byron Burger a month ago, they would not serve us a medium rare burger. Group policy until they had some new fangled cooker installed.


That excuse has been going on for months!


They aid the same thing to us first time we went in - I was worried I’d get an overdone burger but it was very nice.

It does seem odd though, and they did seem adamant.


Health and Safety dictate they cant. So they dont otherwise big fine and potential closure. If I was a burger joint I know what I would do.


Of course if that was the case, we’d all do that. My question was more is that the case - I’ll check next time I get a burger somewhere else - maybe it’s the way they make them.


I have to say I was worried that my burger would arrive looking like a sacrificial offering, it looked pretty damn medium rare to me.



Byron is generally pretty good!

Does not that show it’s not a health and safety issue though? Any I guess we are going off track and I don’t want to put people off this great place - however they are cooked they are great and beautifully seasoned.


OK it’s the Mirror but other publications are available :slight_smile:


There is specific advice on the FSA web site but I am guessing it has to do with not wishing to be sued. I may be wrong.