Looking for a delivery person / someone with a van to collect 8 pallets from Lordship Lane - Sydenham Hill


I’m looking for a local delivery person or someone with a van to collect around 8 Wooden Pallets from Lordship Lane - Sydenham Hill for me asap (preferably tomorrow, Saturday 17th August but could also do early next week too).

Happy to discuss a quote over email / phone but it shouldn’t take more than an hour max from collection - delivery.

Any recommendations or direct approaches would be much appreciated!

Thanks, Charlotte

Hi @CharlotteA. We have some recommendations here: Man in van or taxi

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Thanks Chris, I will look at them but i’m really looking for a local person with transport as it’s a relatively small job, so I don’t want to pay too much!

I will also help to lift the pallets and it’s only up the road - 5 min drive max, so probably more of a half hour job than even an hour!

Thanks, Charlotte

I can help later on today Charlotte if that works?


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An alternative is a Zip van, during the week they are £8 per hour to hire.