Looking for a family to join our nanny share

Hi all, if anyone is looking for a nanny share please PM me. We are looking for a family to share our fantastic nanny Kelly (3 or 4 days a week- Monday-Thursday). Kelly is wonderful with our daughter Lily, who settled with her so quickly. They go to playgroups, music classes, museums, soft plays etc every week. Even more importantly, she looks after our daughter to a very high standard, preparing her healthy meals, keeping her clean at all times, working on her development, and keeping to her daily routine perfectly. The convenience of having Kelly has been fantastic for my return to work. We are based in Honor Oak Park so please get in touch if you are interested - we would like to find a family ASAP. Best, Laura

Hi Laura,

I might be interested in this. My daughter is 4yrs and starts school at St Dunstans in September. I’m looking for a nanny to pick her up at 3pm and look after her until 7pm most days, and also look after her during half term and holidays. Would love to know more!

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Hi Laura,
I have a 9 month old son and looking for a nanny.

We live on Whatman Road.

Do you have any more details?

Thank you


Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your message.

Fantastic you are super close to us…we are on Bovill Road. Currently our nanny Kelly looks after my daughter 3 days a week (tues/wed/thurs) but after the summer we will change to 4 days (Mondays as well). Kelly arrives 9am and finishes at 6pm. She is absolutely fantastic with my daughter, and the convenience is so great. She charges a nanny share rate of £18.50 (gross) per hour, so £9.25 per hour per family.

When would you ideally want to start? And would your hours be similar?

Happy for you to message me on WhatsApp to make it easier to discuss. My number is 07796273656.



Hi Sara, sorry for the slow response. Thank you for getting in touch but I’m afraid we would need the other family to have more hours…ideally 9am-6pm every day, or close to that. Hope you find someone great who needs those exact hours. Best, Laura

Hi Laura,

Ok, Thanks for the info, I don’t know that much about childcare / Nanny’s etc so its good to know all the info.

Currently I would only need a nanny for 2-3 days a week.

However I may need them to start earlier than 9am, myself and my husband work for ourselves so our schedule is a bit all over the place, but sometimes we can have really long days at work.

I am looking for my son, Woody to be in childcare in the next couple of months, so I can get back to work a bit more productively and not be stretching myself too thin, which is what is happening at the moment.

What age is your daughter? Does your Nanny look after her in your home? How would that work with a nanny share?

Thank you

Rachel Caulfield

Hi Rachel,

My daughter Lily is 16 months now. Yes Kelly looks after her at my house every day, but she takes her out most mornings and afternoons to playgroups and parks etc. In terms of the share, we would be happy to share houses so one week at yours and the next at ours. Alternatively we can have them both at our house all of the time if that is easier for you. We are flexible.

Kelly is very flexible and can start earlier for you if you need it. She could come to your house first and then collect Lily. The share rate would stay the same even if she started earlier for you.

We would really need to have 3 days for the share at least. Do you think that would definitely work for you?

Also, if you would like to know more about being the employer of a nanny, you can call up NannyPAYE and speak to them about anything. They are the company we use for all the payroll and tax etc. They make everything super easy and stress free.

Let me know if you have any other questions for me.



Hi Laura,

We are moving to Honor Oak from Bristol in Sept and are looking for a Nanny share for our 2 year old little girl. We would be looking for 3/4 days a week and are very flexible with what days times etc as me and my partner are both freelance. It would be really great to get a nanny that has been highly recommended already instead of having to go through lots of people. We would be looking to settle her in straight away in sept but not sure if this is too late for you? Let me know…

Many thanks!

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Dear Zoe,

Thank you very much for your message.

Great you are moving to HOP, it is such a lovely area to live in. Which road will you be on? September works well for us, as does the 3/4 days a week. Our nanny Kelly looks after our daughter Lily Tues/Wed/Thurs 9am-6pm currently, but she will soon have Lily on Mondays too. Will you be up in London anytime soon? If you want to chat over Whatsapp my number is 07796273656.