Looking for a quirky internal glass door

I live in a tiny flat, and most of it is SO dark inside due to lack of outside light. My internal doors are white painted wood and I need LIGHT! I’d love to find an internal glass door to replace my living room door, so that at least some light can get through my north facing room and into my very dark hallway. Most that I see online are ridiculously expensive or just rather boring. I’d love one of those doors with yellow tinted glass, so that when the light shines through, it looks all warm and sunny. Unfortunately, they seem to be virtually impossible to find - I found just one, from Pinterest, sold years ago as ‘vintage’. I’m aware I can buy glass stickers to bring colour/patterns to glass - but I’ve used them before, and they’re not easy to use…trying to avoid those bubbles! - plus if it’s panelled, it would be a lot of work and a lot of exact measurements to fit the stickers.

If anyone knows of an internal glass door that nobody wants, please let me know. I’d love strip pine, but unfortunately, the builder who did my place painted every available bit of wood white - so it wouldn’t match. The measurements of the door are:- 4.2cm depth, 76cm wide, 194cm tall.

I’d love to find something like this:-

Might be worth checking out the Aladdin’s Cave on Lewisham Way.

We have a door almost exactly like that between our living room and hallway - it does really open up the space.

Sorry to say it is not for sale as we love it!

I’m SOOOO jealous!

I think it is original to the flat so couldn’t tell you where you can get one similar.

Could try Dulwich Reclamation on Kirkdale. They have loads.of doors.

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Facebook Marketplace is always full of doors from home renovations. If you watch for long enough or set up an alert you may be in luck.

You could also try Peter who does architectural salvage at the Old Bathhouse in Bell Green. Usually has a stock of old doors.


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Try searching for “patterned glass”. There are lots of suppliers in UK. Maybe someone can fit it to an existing door frame

Hello - if you’re still looking, we’re selling this exact door!

Welcome to take a look if you’d like. Also have a large piece of matching glass we’re hoping to remove without breaking tomorrow.

Brilliant!-could I come and have a look at it tomorrow? (Monday).


Hello, yes, that should be ok. Do you want to direct message us via the eBay link (not sure how to do private messaging on here) - it’s my husbands account. Many thanks, Jane