Looking for families with 1 year old children for playdates


We are new to the area and have left behind our lovely NCT group. Wondering if there are local parents with 1 year old-ish babies who might want to meet up at the playground now and then? Our little boy Luca gets so happy meeting and playing with other children, and it would be also nice for us to meet some friendly faces.
We’re based in Honor Oak and tend to go wither to the Blythe Hill playground or the one behind Honor Oak Park station.

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Hi there, I would strongly recommend joining the SE23 mums Facebook group. You will definitely find someone looking for a play date here.

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I want to join the SE23 mum group on Facebook but am waiting for weeks and still not allowed in :pensive:


Same here Agnes! I have tried to join several times over the last couple of months…

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Hi @DoroPalmier and @Agnes_Wojcik - I am a member on se23 mums - I can post and try and tag the admins on your behalf if that would be helpful?

My wife ended up meeting lots of people at various playgroups, library events and so on - also worth a shot lots of the same people go to the same ones ( assuming you are free during the week etc).


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Try messaging Angie Walsh. She is the administrator.

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So kind, oakr and daisy75. I will message Angie Walsh and if not let in the group I will give up! But thank you for offers of help.


Thank you for the advice! @oakr and @Daisy75! Will persevere with the se23 mums group.