Looking for flat/home to rent for 2 nights

I have family visiting (2 adults and 2 children) from 31 May to 2 June (end of the half term) so I am hoping there are some families away who wouldn’t mind letting out their place for 2 nights. If you’d feel more comfortable signing up to airbnb I’m happy to go through that, but there aren’t many options on there at the moment and they had originally booked somewhere but the host cancelled their reservation. We’ve had a few offers but none have worked out, mainly because there are cats and my brother in law has a cat allergy.

Please get in touch if this sounds of interest for you, I live locally and can arrange keys and even sort cleaner before you return.

If that doesn’t work the All in One has great rooms. Stay there whenever we come back to FH.

The flat above Stag & Bow is on Airbnb, pop in & ask Pascal if you can rent it directly with her, or speak to Cyrus at The Framing Salon as the flat belongs to them.

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