Looking for leaseholders from Standlake, Newbridge, Radcot Points, SE23 2XB

Dear leaseholders,

My name is Kat and I am a leaseholder of a flat in the Standlake Point block. I have been living on Bampton estate for years and had seen changes before Lewisham Homes took over to manage the estate and after.

Do you have concerns about the quality of services we receive from Lewisham Homes? Are you happy with the services or you feel that they are not worth the money we pay for them? Do you have questions about bills or problems with paying them?

We can change things if we come together and voice our concerns, ask questions, look into Lewisham Homes expenditure.

There was an inquiry raised with Lewisham Homes regarding the money we pay for caretaking in Standlake block and their charges are currently under investigation.

This is only one of many things that are wrong. We have more chances to put things right if we voice our leasehold concerns together. If you wish to discuss any problems or issues as a leaseholder, please contact me via email or Skype: kat.standlake.point@gmail.com

I do really believe that we can change a lot if we come as one voice.

Looking forward to talking to you.


Currdent indications show that some charges are at least 30"% over the market rate.