Looking for Workspace/Studio

I am looking for a studio/workspace for sole use for my retail business. I have checked with the local units such as Keynote, V22 and the one on Stansted Road and nothing available.

Anyone know of any available workshops or units please do shout!


Maybe see here: Smallprint Bookshop not re-opening - COMMERCIAL PREMISES AVAILABLE

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ha ha, thank you. That is actually my old premises :). I am the owner of Smallprint bookshop. Thanks though!


Haha! :laughing: I guess suggesting ABC next door isn’t useful either then!!!

Best of luck still!

Malham Road might be worth investigating:


Thanks, I have had a little look through before but they are all too big and pricey! My search continues. :slight_smile:

Do you need to work from the premises or just use them for storing and dispatching stock? I’ve seen on television some mail order companies basically working out of a unit in a self-storage facility - they store the goods there and package them up when orders come in. I don’t know if all storage companies allow that but there’s Shurguard on Stanstead Road and the new one down at Bell Green.


From my experience storage companies don’t mind this kind of usage. Just make sure you don’t have a too big a unit as the costs ramp up quickly.

Hi Jenny.

Have you tried Whirled Art, next door to us at Campervantastic? http://whirledart.co.uk/

Lee might have some space for you.

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