Looks like the sand clouds have reached SE23!

Most cars looking like they have been on some 4x4 expedition across the Sahara!


And my windows could do with a clean now!


Things a little sandy this morning

We had it bad for two days down here in Portugal. People were advised not do outdoor activities and folks with respirator issues were told to stay indoors. Took my car in for a service and it came out gleaming - which lasted about 30 mins and now looks like it has never been cleaned.


I had a dusting on my bonnet up in Crystal Palace this morning.

Only had our windows cleaners last week. They now look as though they haven’t been cleaned for a month!
Our bins, footpath are filthy!

My dad polished & buffed his car a few days before. The dust landed on the clean paintwork. He washed it and it looked stained. He had to wash and wax it again to get it off. Whether it showed more because his car is black. But I’m on instructions to get mine cleaned sooner rather than later, at the hand car wash incase it stains my paintwork.

Now it is sunny I see my windows are covered in the stuff.

My patio: :roll_eyes:


It looks like a beach front patio!

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I think it is sand from the Sahara!