Lost bag! Important thesis files and passport inside

Hi, my name is Maxime Lille
I have recently move in Forest Hill for a short stay in Woolstone road.
Just after the meeting with the landlord, I went inside the house without my bag which was left in the street. When I realized that my bag was not inside the room, I went outside and the bag was not here!!! Somebody must have taken it!!! (photo attached)

Ending my thesis this year, it very important for me that I get back some files! If the one that has my bag read this, could you please send a message to maximeL63@hotmail.fr

I also need to get back in france this week and I absolutly need my passeport!
Share that post as many as possible this is very urgent and important.

Thank you all

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I’m so sorry. We’re on Elsinore so will keep an eye out. Really hope you get it back


Sorry about your bag :frowning:. Im on Hurstbourne Road. But walk my dog around Woolstone Rd. Whereabouts is your accommodation? Towards Catford Hill ( lower side) or Perry Rise ( top side). I will keep an eye for it and I hope you find your thesis and passport otherwise.


Hi, thank you so much for your message. I am almost at the junction between Hurstbourne Road and Woolstone Rd… Thanks… I hope too

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So sorry this has happened to you. Is it a newer one with Cloud/desktop backup by any chance?

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I’m sure you know this bit worth checking behind garden walls etc around you - most people just rifle through bags them dump them. Also wirth checking in shops as people often hand things in.

When some low life took my Dad’s wallet some very kind person found it and handed it in to sainsburys in HOP - money was gone but at least everything else was still there.

Good luck.