Lost Cardigan at HOP station with sentimental value

Hello everyone, bit of a long shot but today I managed to leave a much loved black cardigan on the bench on the northbound platform at Honor Oak station. I’d put it down for a moment to retrieve something from my bag and in my haste managed to leave the station without it. I was back within ten minutes but the cardigan was gone. I’d normally not make such a fuss but the cardigan (a black knitted cardigan by Hayley Menzies with pom poms) was a gift from my husband after a difficult C-section last year and has sentimental value to me. I’m really upset that whoever found the cardigan has not handed it in and I’m just hoping that perhaps whoever picked it up will drop it off at the ticket office… although I’m not getting my hopes up. I think the ticket staff were a bit bemused at why a woman in her forties would be so upset at the loss of a cardigan but this one was special to me. Anyway, if this rings any bells to anyone I’d be eternally grateful for any help in getting it back.

Here is a picture of me in the cardigan that I will be forlornly looking at for a while :joy:




Really sorry to hear this. I’ve shared on :twitter: @SE23.life in case anyone finds it somewhere or can help :crossed_fingers:

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Do put in a request through the TfL Lost Property Office. Sometimes TravelSafe Officers and Revenue or other staff will see something, grab it and jump on train to hand in at the station they’re traveling to, as they have to get on that train. It’s a very remote possibility but it’s better to cover all bases.


So sorry to hear this – crossing everything that it finds its way back to you.

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Have you asked at the station again? Also check the banks on the platform. Sounds strange but you do see clothing abandoned like that sometimes.

Also it’s sentimental value, I like you would be very upset. Fingers crossed you get it back.

Try the local police station, if we still have one.
People often hand in found items there.

Also, I would hang around the station. You may see your cardigan there again on someone wearing it!

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Thanks for the kind words everyone. I’ve logged it with TFL as suggested and I did consider putting up a poster but I’m not sure ‘lost cardigan’ is quite up there with ‘lost cat or dog’ :laughing:

I will certainly keep my eyes peeled for it although I’m not exactly sure what I’d say if I saw someone wearing it. That would be an awkward conversation!


Go for it with the posters! After all someone might just have picked it up without realising the sentimental value. Anything that might help you get it back is worth a shot!


I’d put posters of you wearing it up in and around the station-may shame the thief into dumping it back where they found it-also try local car boot sales and charity shops in case they decide to offload it that way.

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